間羥胺 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiānqiǎngàn]
間羥胺 英文
  • : 間Ⅰ名詞1 (中間) between; among 2 (一定的空間或時間里) with a definite time or space 3 (一間...
  • : 名詞[化學] (羥基) hydroxyl (group)
  • : 名詞[化學] amine (氨 nh3 分子中部分或全部氫原子被烴基取代而成的有機化合物)
  1. The protected amino acids were z - ser ( bzl ), boc - asp ( obzl ) and glu ( obzl ) 2. the quality of the synthesized tripeptide : ser - asp - glu ( sde ) by thin layer chromatography, amino acid analysis and liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry is pure. the paam beads with different length arms were obtained by coupling the various length linear spacer, such as ethylene diamine, glutaraldehyde, 1, 6 - diaminohexane and amino caproic acid to paam beads

    按照從梭基端到氨基端的合成路線,用風n 』二環己基碳二亞( dcc ) l基苯驕三氮哩( hobt )液相合成法逐步接肽,制備得到對應的帶保護基的中體,用催化氫化還原脫去所有的保護基。
  2. Workplace air - determination of vanadium pentoxide - n - cinnamoyl - o - tolyl - hydroxylamine spectrophotometric method

    空氣中五氧化二釩的n -肉桂酰-鄰-甲苯分光光度測定方法
  3. The endocrine cells in the digestive and glands of alligator sinensis embryos aged from 8th to 55th day were localized and compared by using immunohistochemical method with thirteen kinds of antiseras of hormone. during the development of pancreas in alligator sinensis embryos, somatostatin ( ss ) immunoreactive ( ir ) cells, 5 - hydroxytryptamine ( 5 - ht ) - ir cells, glucagon ( glu ) - ir cells, epidermal growth factor ( egf ) - ir cells appeared on 18th day. no p53 protein - ir cell, gastrin - ir cell, testosterone - ir cell, chromogranin a - ir cell, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide - ir cell, epithelial membrane antigen - ir cell or insulin - ir cell was found in the pancreas of alligator sinensis embryos

    本實驗採用免疫組織化學技術,應用13種不同的抗血清,對孵育時8 ? 55天揚子鱷胚胎消化道及消化腺內分泌細胞的種類進行鑒別、定位和比較,結果如下:揚子鱷胚胎胰腺中,生長抑素、 5 ?、胰高血糖素、表皮生長因子、胰多肽免疫反應陽性細胞出現于第8天; p物質免疫陽性細胞出現于第18天; p53 、胃泌素、睪酮、嗜鉻素a 、血管活性腸肽、上皮膜骯原、胰島素免疫陽性細胞在各期揚子鱷胚胎胰腺中均未發現。
  4. Producer in china of nitrogen - containing aromatics, including n - alkylated aniline and toluidine derivatives

  5. During the development of liver in alligator sinensis embryos, ss - ir cells appeared in a few of sinusoid endothelial cells on 8th day. 5 - ht - ir blood cells and tgf p 1 - ir blood cells were found in vein vessel from 30 - 55th day. egf - ir cells and sp - ir cells appeared in the outer membrane of liver from 40 - 55th day

    揚子鱷胚胎肝臟中,生長抑素免疫陽性細胞出現于孵育第8天肝血竇內皮細胞;孵育第30 ? 55天,靜脈血管中發現5 ?陽性血細胞和tgf 1陽性血細胞;表皮生長因子陽性細胞和p物質陽性細胞僅在第40 ? 55天出現于肝臟外被膜;甲胎蛋白免疫陽性細胞在第55天出現于肝臟外被膜及靠近外被膜的血管內皮。
  6. When they treated mice with mycobacterium accae they found that it did indeed actiate a particular group of brain neurons that produce serotonin - in the interfascicular part of the dorsal raphe nucleus ( dri ) of the mice, to be precise

    在用牝牛分枝桿菌處理小鼠后,他們發現這種細菌確實能夠刺激一類能產生5 -的特殊神經元,更準確的說是位於小鼠中縫背核束
  7. He said a study where participants, not just elderly patients, are randomly chosen to receive an ssri or a dummy pill is needed to prove the link to brittle bones

  8. Peg and superfluous aa reaction by complete concatenation method, the esterify production " esterify water " and acid number were mensurated, it shows that the esterify reaction would be processed under 100 esterify temperature and with amine accelerantthe tide of esterify reaction was substantiated by ir. in the ir spectrum, the characteristic peak of hydroxy of peg and carboxyl of aa were weakened. and the ester link of peg was reinforce. the " esterify water " was increased gradually and the acid number of esterify production was debased gradually along with the extent of esterify time and the augmentation of molecular weight of peg

    通過聚乙二醇與過量的丙烯酸採用全連續法進行反應,測定酯化產物「酯化水」和酸值等宏觀手段反映出在類促進劑、 100的酯化溫度等條件下的酯化進程,而利用紅外光譜( ir )分析所反映的聚乙二醇的基和丙烯酸的羧基特徵峰減弱,而pea的酯基特徵峰加強等特徵進一步證實了宏觀手段所表現出來的酯化趨勢:隨著酯化時的延長和聚乙二醇分子量的增大,產生的「酯化水」逐漸增加,酯化產物的酸值逐漸降低;從酯化時看,當反應時達到300min時,酯化物的酸值達到最小,而從ir分析來看,酯化物pea4的基峰在300min時減弱到最小, pea23在120min時基峰的表現出酯化基本完全。
  9. The illegal substance, popular with clubbers, is said to affect cells in the brain which produce the nerve message transmitter chemical serotonin - a hormone involved with learning and memory

    流行於俱樂部成員的這種非法物質據說影響大腦細胞,該細胞能產生神經信息的化學遞質5 -? ?一種參與學習和記憶的荷爾蒙。