預備使用 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bèishǐyòng]
預備使用 英文
ready use
  • : Ⅰ副詞(預先; 事先) in advance; beforehand Ⅱ動詞(參與) take part in
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (具備; 具有) have; be equipped with 2 (準備) prepare; provide with; get ready 3 (防備...
  • 使 : Ⅰ動詞1 (派遣; 支使) send; tell sb to do sth : 使人去打聽消息 send sb to make inquiries2 (用; ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (使用) use; employ; apply 2 (多用於否定: 需要) need 3 (敬辭: 吃; 喝) eat; drink Ⅱ名...
  • 預備 : prepare; get ready
  1. The optical fiber preparation collapsar plc control system is a set of equipment that be using at the scene by yofc

  2. With more and more people using the wireless devices, it is very necessary to predict the field strength in the room and study propagation characters of the wireless electric wave f therefore, it is very important to adopt exact method to study them

  3. In some 4, 000 houses and buildings in germany, switzerland, austria and scandinavia, extensive insulation, highly efficient windows and energy - conscious design have led to enormous efficiency increases, enabling energy budgets for heating that are a sixth of the requirement for typical buildings in these countries

    在德國、瑞士、奧地利和北歐,有4000棟的房屋和建築物具大片的隔熱設、高效能窗戶以及節能設計,使得能源使效率大大提升,而暖氣的能源算也只有這些國家中一般建築物的1 / 6 。
  4. Wearproof porcelain plate developed by this factory can be used as inside lining plate, coal delivery pipework, bin, bunker, separation port, wind pipe bend, exhauster, inner pipe of mill fan, air preheater, air fule and various dedust equipment for antifriction. besides, it can extend the service life of equipment

  5. It s pre - wired to work out of the box with jetty

  6. Therefore, this dissertation based on the pre - research defense projects of “ research on longevous service and high reliability of satellite ” of the national tenth - five - year plan, study the method of uncertainty inference, and the application of rough set theory in the development of the satellite fault diagnosis system, the main content of this dissertation is as follows : first, this paper incorporate the status in quo of the technology of fault detecting and diagnosis and the artificial intelligence ( ai ), realize the newest trend of the technology of fault detecting and diagnosis is that using the technology of artificial intelligence to solve the certainty and uncertainty problem in the actual engineering area

  7. The function design of system includes writing down amendment and pretreatment about spatial database and attribute database. this system provides common and basic functions of gis. besides, we can make out the topographical maps, planimetric maps and skiagraph, structure objects of highway construction of design and can inquire two - way between spatial information and attribute information

  8. After generalizing the characteristic of modern equipment, the mission of equipment management and general situation of chinese equipment management, basied on two forms of equipment management - - - - - - practicality & value, the author combined quantitative & qualitative methods with example to analyze and discuss questions, especially the reasonable update & depreciation, accordingly achieving the optimization of the technical efficiency & economic benefit 0 one of emphases of the thesis is methods application of equipment reasonable update, that is starting with economic benefit to looking for reasonable using fixed number of year. the thesis used inferior - converted numeric method and rate equation which based on the theory square and combined with harbor loading machines & tugboat ' s actual facts, calculated the economic life of the same machine in order to make sure harbor machines " reasonable using fixed number of year. at the same time, the author made use of midpoint value regress method and stochastic trapeziform forecast method to calculate and analyze and gain the reasonable conclusion o the other emphases is questions of harbor equipment

    本文概括介紹了現代設的特點、設管理的任務以及我國設管理發展的概況后,作者從設經濟管理的兩種形態? ?實物形態和價值形態出發,採取定量與定性相結合,以定量為主,結合實例進行分析與論述,對港口設的合理更新與折舊問題進行了著重研究,從而實現設的技術效能和經濟效益的最優化。本文研究的重點之一是設合理更新的方法應,即從經濟效益出發,來尋求設的合理使年限。本文結合港口裝卸機械和港作拖輪的實際,運以正方形理論為基礎的低劣化數值法和費方程兩種方法,計算了同一種機械設的經濟壽命,從而確定港機合理的使年限,同時,運了中點值回歸法和隨機梯形測法進行計算和分析,得到了合理的結論。
  9. Adequate preoperative fluid hydration, intensive hemodynamic monitoring, ready - prepared blood and vasopressor drugs, inspiration of 100 percent oxygen, and copious irrigation of marrow debris after reaming are useful prophylactic methods to lower the catastrophic complication during cementation

  10. As for the assault force, the containing force and the reserve force in a tactical operation, the first is for annihilating the enemy, the second for preserving oneself, and the third is for either purpose according to circumstances - - either for annihilating the enemy ( in which case it reinforces the assault force or serves as a pursuit force ), or for self - preservation ( in which case it reinforces the containing force or serves as a covering force )

    戰術上的突擊隊、鉗制隊、隊,第一種為了消滅敵人,第二種為了保存自己,第三種準依情況使於兩個目的? ?或者增援突擊隊,或者作為追擊隊,都是為了消滅敵人;或者增援鉗制隊,或者作為掩護隊,都是為了保存自己。
  11. It is preferable to have more than one cotton towel for each day s use

  12. This thesis includes four parts in which the technologies of web usage mininig are systematically researched. in the first part we summarize the techniques of data mining and web usage mining, present the significance of the research on web usage mininig, the status of research and the problem which web usage mininig will face with. in the second part we discuss the web usage mininig according to the process of web mining. in the stage of data preparing and preprocessing we discuss the algorithm of data cleaning, user and session identification in detail, and present a data model of association rules and sequential patterns in the stage of pattern discovery, discuss the useful method of pattern analysis in last stage. a synthesis clustering algorithm cppc is proposed in the third part of this thesis

  13. Potentiometers for use in electronic equipment - part 2 : detail specification : lead - screw actuated preset potentiometers - stability class 5 % - assessment level e

    電子設使的電位器.第2部分:詳細規范.螺桿操縱的置電位器.穩定級5 .評定級e
  14. Use of excessive draft in spinning preparatory and ring frames

  15. Personal protective equipment against falls from a height - general requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking and packaging

  16. Daily work will include on site service performing preventive maintenance ( pm ), trouble shooting, and technical liaison with the user of the equipment

  17. A full service maintenance contract will not only prolong the equipment life, but accurately predicts and controls the annual operating cost for each machine based on the volume of copying. in this way, annual cost increases are not borne by the user

  18. Design, location and application criteria for installed area gamma radiation dose rate monitoring equipment for use in nuclear power plants during normal operation and anticipated operational occurrences

  19. Our product can carry on the greatest stress monitor in real time to the characteristic of the operating apparatus ; it can optimize operation and control the greatest stress of part in a range of allowing ; it can carry on crackle predication and lengthen the service life of apparatus to make the power plant obtain the supreme economic benefits

  20. Potentiometers for use in electronic equipment ; part 2 : sectional specification ; lead - screw actuated and rotary preset potentiometers