領帶卡 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lǐngdài]
領帶卡 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (頸; 脖子) neck 2 (領子; 領口) collar; neckband 3 (大綱; 要點) outline; main point; ...
  • 領帶 : necktie; tie; choker領帶別針 tiepin; 領帶夾 tie bar
  1. He puts forward science research programs for a basic unit in judging of theoretics, which is a series of relative theoretics with obviously continuity, and must have three characters : a commonable rigidity nucleus, a assistact bracer with protecting rigidity mucleus, a illumine follow with science program ’ s developing. if the experience content of a theoretics series has gained in, that, it should be scientific, which make the problem in reason about the dividing line standard between science and non - science is more accorded with science history, and that, lakatos exoatiates on the importance idea on “ science philosophy should be combined with science history ”

  2. " soph sensation leads the saint k - cagers to the state finals.

  3. 6 in an effort to protect our customers ' identity, vip cardholders must present their vip card and a valid identification document for cash coupon redemption at the customer service center of golden eagle stores

    6為保證持貴賓的合法權益,兌換獎勵時需持本人攜vip、有效身份證件(原件) 、購物憑證到券店顧客服務中心辦理。
  4. The western scholars ? las and johnson has shown that the hard core of the research programs based on the science research programs methodology is difficult to change and it can be maintained and developed by adjusting the assisting hypothetic protecting zone. they give comparatively objective statement of the hard cores of western mainstream economics research programs and the marx ' s economics research programs, which is based on the comparative analysis on the human being, rationality, property right, market and the view on the social history of the two hard cores

  5. The 19 - year - old, who impressed in the apertura tournament by scoring 13 goals and leading danubio montevideo to victory, has admitted that he is flattered with the milan and juve links

  6. The city of quito in ecuador is founded by spanish settlers led by sebasti n de belalc zar

  7. The football - mad irish prime minister bertie ahern has not missed a beat as mick mccarthy ' s men battled their way through to the last 16 and at times he has sounded more like a coach than a premier

  8. Having been chosen as the representative to contend for the best foreign film in academy awards , " curse of the golden flower " also assumes a significant task to launch domestic film industry into hollywood , the world ' s film capital

    《滿城盡黃金甲》即將參與角逐奧斯最佳外語片獎,與此同時,影片還承載著引國內電影工業沖擊世界電影之都? ?好萊塢的重任。
  9. Cano made it 7 - 0 with a three - run shot that bounced off the right field foul pole

  10. The forces of nethergarde enter the portal lead by the mage, khadgar, the paladin, turalyon, the ranger, alleria, the dwarven gryphonrider, kurdran, and the soldier, danath

  11. One night, when i fell asleep in a helpless and resentful mood, i dreamed that master was distributing blessed food to fellow initiates. the atmosphere was very loving. master waved her hand and called me to get some food first, while other fellow initiates were waiting aside

  12. Cara straightened his tie.

  13. Jessica obeyed, incidentally touching at her lovely hair and looking at a little jewel - faced watch

  14. Allardyce faces a swift return to the reebok stadium following the announcement of the fixtures for the 2007 / 08 premier league season

  15. I ' m ambitious, i know this club is ambitious and i hope i can turn it around - get a trophy, get the club into europe in the next few years.

  16. Koslo electric held many intellectual property rights, low - voltage switch accessories covered a major share of international market weak electricity, intellectualized systems products took the lead in the international market of these fields, meachwhile electric played a vanguard role in communication and technology, koslo was the first company of germany to constitute intellectulized system standard with other european companies of the same trade

  17. There was indignation in his hoarse bass voice but also a wheedling note. and scarlett teasingly clicked her tongue against her teeth as she reached out to pull his cravat into place

  18. Rossi will be unavailable for newcastle when glenn roeder ' s side visit old trafford on 1 october as premier league rules state loaned players cannot play against their own club

  19. This tie is made of pure silk and 150 grams of white gold and studded with 261 diamonds weighing 77 carats

  20. Maina is proud to tot up the modest cost of his smart work attire : wide - collared suit 500 shilling, white shirt 150, cartoon tie 100, black leather shoes 800

    麥納對這套瀟灑的工作服低廉的價錢洋洋得意:寬西裝500先令、白襯衫150 、通圖案100 、黑皮鞋800 。