abb 中文意思是什麼

abb 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 粗羊毛。
2. 粗毛線。
3. 緯紗(= woof; opp. warp)。

  1. Abb will also provide startup services and training

  2. " now go down, " said the abb, folding his arms

    「快下去, 」神甫交叉著兩臂說。
  3. " two drops more would kill you, " replied the abb

    「再多兩滴就會殺死你了。 」
  4. " whenever you please, " replied the abb

    「隨便你什麼時候都行, 」神甫答道。
  5. " has she made a fortune also ? " inquired the abb

    「難道她也發了一筆財嗎? 」
  6. It was only poisoned to the abb adelmonte

  7. Exclaimed the abb, springing from his seat

  8. So the matter ended for the abb faria

  9. On the relations between the saff rids and the abb sids

  10. On evolution of the pattern abb in the song dynasty

  11. A study of the pronunciations in the two adjectival reduplications - abb aabb

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  13. The language of the novel is distinct and vivid, and especially the color words, of which the abb style words are used most strikingly in large quantities, and have distinguishing features because the authoress employed a visual angle of a little girl and painting techniques in her expression

    這些詞語因作者使用小女孩視角,並具備一定的繪畫知識與技能及表達的需要而呈現出使用數量多、個性特色鮮明與" bb "后綴選擇精確等特點。
  14. Abb china chairman and president peter leupp announced yesterday the company has won contracts worth around us 60 million to supply a large 500 kv gas - insulated switchgear and 12 sets of power transformers for the right - bank power plant of the three gorges dam project

    這次客車企業能首先榮膺汽車行業的「中國名牌」 ,也是和客車企業長期以來特別重視品牌建設,打造名牌意識強烈分不開的。他們中的很多企業甚至已經喊出了要爭國際名牌的聲音。
  15. Then following the clew that, in the hands of the abb faria, had been so skilfully used to guide him through the daedalian labyrinth of probabilities, he thought that the cardinal spada, anxious not to be watched, had entered the creek, concealed his little barque, followed the line marked by the notches in the rock, and at the end of it had buried his treasure. it was this idea that had brought dant

  16. " no ! " the abb threw off his wig, shook his head, and his hair, no longer confined, fell in black masses around his manly face

    「是的,我不是, 」長老拉掉他的頭發,搖一遙頭,他的黑發披散到他那英俊的面孔兩旁。
  17. Main breed has : bombazine of natural colour cotton, mo daier, the new - style material such as abb mixes spinning

  18. " bring me a carafe of water, " said the abb

    「請給我拿一瓶水來。 」
  19. As the doctors entered the street, they saw a man in a cassock standing on the threshold of the next door. " this is the abb

  20. " remember, " answered the abb calmly, as he replaced the jewel and its case in the pocket of his cassock, " it is your fault, not mine, that i do so

    「要記住, 」教士一面回答,一面把寶石連盒子一起都放進了他的衣服口袋裡, 「我這樣去做,可是您的錯,不關我事。