adding a camera 中文意思是什麼

adding a camera 解釋
  • adding : n. 計算,加算。 adding machine 計算器,加算器。
  • a : an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...
  • camera : n. 1. (pl. cameras) 【攝影】照相機;電影攝影機;電視攝像機;暗箱;暗房。2. (pl. camerae ) 【法律】法官室。3. 羅馬教廷的財政部。
  1. This paper describes the collection and processing system of alum based on the digital camera for the adding control of deposition pools in a water plant, and gives a set of designing thinking, designing scheme and designing measure

  2. Adding to its swiveling 262k colour display, the v9000 includes a 1. 3 megapixel camera as well as 30 mb of on - board memory and memory expansion courtesy of an hitherto unknown format ; the ability to record up to one - hour long shows ; and virtual 3d surround sound

    除了可旋轉的262k彩色顯示屏, v9000還包括130萬攝像頭和30m內建存儲空間,以及未知格式的存儲拓展能力;可以錄制長達1小時的電視節目;虛擬3d環繞音效。