adhesive action 中文意思是什麼

adhesive action 解釋
  • adhesive : adj. 黏附性的,膠黏的。n. 膠合劑,黏合劑。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • action : n 1 動作,活動;行為,行動。 ★ act 指一次所作的行為;action 雖與 act 同義,但多半指某一期間內出現...
  1. With reverse thinking of reverse action adhesive application, special designed for high - speed production lines interment of adhesive placement without trail

  2. Reliable seal : the squeezing and cutting action of eccentric for sphere and valve seat on opening and closing can remove scale and adhesive matters on sealing suface effectively to keep tight seal

  3. This article studys the frozen coal microscopic adhesive structure, pointed out the intensity of frozen coal is the synthesis of chemical bond strength, intermolecular action, hydrogen bond strength, electrostatic force and friction force, because the coal freeze situation differents, effect of different factors are also different