atomic fallout 中文意思是什麼

atomic fallout 解釋
  1. The complications from atomic fallout naturally raise the question of whether any nonnuclear alternative could destroy deeply buried bunkers

  2. Some weapons designers have argued that low - yield earth - penetrating nuclear arms, with explosive yields ranging from the equivalent of 10 to 1, 000 tons of tnt, would provide unique tactical and strategic capabilities while minimizing unwanted collateral effects ? in particular, the atomic fallout typically generated in abundance by more powerful bombs

    某些武器設計者表示,爆炸當量相當於10 ~ 1000噸黃色炸藥的低當量鉆地核彈,具備獨特的戰術及戰略功能,並可將副作用減到最低,尤其是降低威力較大的核彈通常會在周圍造成的原子落塵。
  3. Many people believe that a fallout shelter will not protect them from an atomic explosion

  4. The problem of possible genetic damage to human populations from radiation exposures, including those resulting from the fallout from testing of atomic weapons, has quite properly claimed much popular attention in recent years