b 中文意思是什麼

b 解釋

  1. Two ideas a, b are said to be coprime if a+b=(1).

  2. Then we exclude elements a and b then we include again the ab.

  3. We use juxtaposition to denote conjunction, ab means both a and b.

  4. B substance function the pure product is achromaticity oil liquid. if it contained impurity then showed yellow and palm in industry

  5. Fundamenta informaticae, 2004, 62 : 1 - 23. 10 kleine b " uing h, lettmann h. propositional logic : deduction and algorithms, cambridge university press, 1999. 11 hilbert d, ackermann w. principles of mathematical logic

    2提出了一個演算法把ctl在有界語義下滿足性的檢測規約到一個qbf quantified boolean formulas問題的滿足性的判定上,同時證明了演算法的正確性。
  6. It has been demonstrated that complement activating and cr2 cross - linking on b lymphocytes set up a bridge between innate and acquired immunity. the interaction of c3 and cd21 on b lymphocytes will benefit initiating immune response and regulating primary antibody response. cd21 / cd35 is important in the process of antibody avidity maturing, this is critical to b lymphocyte activation especially in the state of low antigen concentration

    現己證實補體的活化以及b細胞表面crz的交聯在先天和獲得性免疫之間架起了重要的橋梁,表現為c3與b細胞cdzi的相互作用有利於啟動抗體應答反應,並對初級抗體應答反應有調節作用: cdzi cd35對于抗體的親和性成熟具有重要作用,在抗原濃度低的情況下,對于活化b細胞是至關重要的,而且mlgm (交聯有利於特異的低親和性b細胞對t細胞依賴性抗原和t細胞非依賴性抗原產生免疫應答。
  7. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer quenching method for determination of arsenic with acridine orange - rhodamine b

  8. B. have adequate active capital. c

  9. Involvement of gaba b receptors in acupuncture analgesia

  10. Study on the thermodynamic parameters for adducts of lewis a - b by gas liquid chromatography

  11. Then h is generated by b. ( 6 ) derfh = adh ( h + fh ) ( addi ) 3vi 1 ), ( 7 ) let gs be the derivation algebra of lie superalgebra 5 on f and charf = 3

    ( 5 )設,則h由集合b生成( 6 )其中h型模李超代數的導子代數的維數為( 7 )設g _ s是f上的李超代數s的導子代數
  12. Hepatocyte specific markers albumin, apo a4, apo b, aldolase b and adh were expressed ten day after induction, which indicated lepcs gave rise to functional hepatocyte

    胞外基質對細胞的生物學行為有著巨大的影響, matrigel基質膠被廣泛的應用於多種細胞類型的體外分化。
  13. Subject title means the competence to be adscription of legal rights and responsibilities, and has shown an emphasis on the factor of reason since modern times begun. “ b rgerliches gesetzbuch ( abr. as bgb in following text ) ” created the word “ rechtsfaehigkeit ” to take the place of “ personalite ” to meet the requirement of formation. and the non - ethical rechtsfaehigkeit became then the token of civil subject in code

  14. Aeon company will present at this fair and our booth no. is hall 7, 7c40 - b

  15. By means of discontinuous tris - hcl buffer system and poly aery 1 amide gel electrophoresis ( page ), zymogram of 23 species of 11 genera in 4 subfamilies mirinae, orthotylinae, phylinae and deraeocorinae are gained. by specific primer pcr and sequencing, 57 cyt b gene 433bp sequences are obtained from 34 species respectively belonging to 17 genera in 5 subfamilies mirinae, orthotylinae, phylinae, deraeocorinae, bryocorinae from 64 species of 23 genera which involved in this research, and 2 outgroup species of family anthocoridae as well. 1

  16. Path analysis of major agronomy characters to yield per plant in spring b. napus

  17. Tahir r b, molder s and timofeev e v. unsteady starting of high number air inlets - a cfd study [ r ]. aiaa 2003 - 5191

    梁德旺,袁化成,張曉嘉.影響高超聲速進氣道起動能力的因素[ c ] / / 2005年沖壓發動機技術交流會論文集, 2005
  18. Kelso s. p., henderson b. k. precision controlled actuation and vibration isolation utilizing magnetorheological ( mr ) fluid technology, aiaa 2001

    關新春,歐進萍.磁流變減振驅動器的響應時間試驗與分析.地震工程與工程振動, 2002 , 22 ( 6 )
  19. Akkadian was written with the cuneiform writing system, on clay tablets, and was in use from the beginning to about 750 b. c

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