baby 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['beibi]
baby 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 嬰兒,赤子,奶娃娃。
2. 孩子氣的人;幼小動物;小東西,一個集體[家庭]中最年幼的人。
3. 〈常作定語〉小型,微型。
4. 〈美俚〉姑娘;(美麗動人的)女人;愛人;(任何)人;(任何)物[東西];得意傑作。
5. 〈口語〉容易的[討厭的]差事[任務]。
vt. 及物動詞 把…當嬰兒看待,對…嬌生慣養。

  1. With its anti - acarid and deodorization, it helps baby keep good sleeping posture, contribute to baby ' s head shape

  2. Can my baby acquire immunity if he she receives some doses of dtwp opv and some doses of dtap - ipv vaccines ? will there be any adverse effects from such a programme

    以新舊兩種疫苗dtap - ipv及dtwp opv完成接種能否為幼兒帶來有效的保護此接種方法會否引起不良效果
  3. Science considers to make clear, the baby is to comparative to outside information of acumen, acceptance rate is quite rapid also

  4. Hospital officials at mcalester regional health center say a 14 - pound, 3 - ounce baby delivered there is the largest ever born at the hospital. lillian elizabeth ross was born friday to adrienne and anthony ross

  5. Much afterbirth embryo bears, every bear a baby more, increase maternity leave 15 days

  6. Much afterbirth embryo bears, every many lactation a baby, every time lactation time adds half an hour

  7. Much afterbirth embryo bears, every many lactation a baby, every time lactation time increases 30 minutes

  8. Aladdin rabbit baby games - 4455 miniclip games

    阿拉丁兔女郎小游戲- 4399小游戲
  9. This humpback mother whale still loves her freaky albino baby

  10. Try to imagine, kangta, finkl, shinhwa, click - b, baby vox, ha ri - su, and many more are all in one single film ! if you are a k - pop fan, merely the cast list is already the biggest allurement for you to get the film

    這絕不是容易的事,例如在香港要拍這樣的電影,單是遷就各歌手的工作日程表和度期便是令人頭痛的問題,以往同類的電影頂多隻有為賑災籌款的《豪門夜宴》 。
  11. 12pcs pack baby aloe vera, vitamin e moisturized wipe

  12. One day, a sudden thunderstorm swept through and turned the woman and her baby into the now well - known amah rock

  13. This article studies the formation of baby ' s anaclitic sense and the nurse ' s status of mind, so as to provide some operational examples for the building of a new pattern of baby ' s cultivation

  14. The formation of baby ' s anaclitic sense has a fundamental function for the healthy development of an individual ' s feelings, among which the nurses ' concern is of particularly important significance to the formation of a baby ' s sense of attachment safety, and can make a baby produce positive sensation and intimate feelings

  15. I ' m not a baby, i am a man. i am an anchorman

  16. Antenatal complications can affect a baby ' s health

  17. The researchers will report their findings in the march - april issue of the journal current anthropology. the baby - boom pattern has been observed in african and european cemeteries dating about 5, 000 to 7, 000 years earlier, according to bocquet - appel

  18. More areola is seen above the baby s lips than below

  19. You ' re definitely an aries, baby. you ' re pretty good

  20. A baby cannot use articulate speech.