bih 中文意思是什麼

bih 解釋
  1. Bih lu tea plantation uses natural farming and professional management methods

  2. Some of the electrocardiogram ( ecg ) diagrams in the course notes were produced using the resources of physionet, especially the mit - bih arryhthmia database directory

    本課程筆記中的一部分心電圖圖表是使用了的生理網的資源而產生的,特別是mit - bih心律失常數據庫目錄。
  3. Ooh, someone ' s got their bih on

  4. It detects qrs complexes exactly whatever big signal, small signal, peak value change abruptly even anomalous ecg by using the mit / bih database. the heart of rhythm is also exact

  5. Bih rong industry co. supplies high quality al - alloy seamless tubes suitable for pneumatic cylinders, bicycle frames, and sporting goods

  6. Tested with mit - bih arrhythmia database, our algorithm yields an average lossless compression ratio of 2. 91, while the algorithm in the literature [ 41 ] only yields an average compression ratio of 2. 56

    在mit - bih心律失常心電數據庫的測試中,本演算法的平均壓縮比為2 . 91 ,而文獻[ 41 ]演算法的平均壓縮比僅為2 . 56 。
  7. This thesis sums up the current ignition and combustion stabilizatipn technologies, and introduces the burners used broadly in the povver stations and theirs features. a new technology, electromagnetic induction heating ( bih ] for oil - free ignition and stable combustion, is studied in this thesis