bio 中文意思是什麼

bio 解釋
n. 名詞 = biography. n. 名詞 個人經歷,個人歷史。

  1. So these karst series problems are lowness ability of making soils, distributing odds of surface water and groundwater, leakiness of fountain, alkalescence of circumstance, lowness of bio - diversity, rapidness converse succession of vegetation and fragility of soil character and entironment. and karst region produces many problems, e. g. rock desert, soil erosion and degeneration because of artificial influence and destruction

  2. We have synthesized the imprinted polymers using phenacetin, nicotine, paracematol and aminopyrine as the template molecules respectively and deduced the response model of the piezoelectric bio - mimetic sensors

  3. Two protein peaks can be obtained by bio - gel p - 6 chromatography and both peaks have antimicrobial activity. so the bacteriocin is consisted of two proteins with different mw. only one protein with larger mw can be detected through tricine - sds - page, and its mw is about 8, 570da

    採用30硫酸銨就能完全把發酵液中的細菌素全部沉澱,通過生物膠bio - gelp - 6層析發現細菌素被分離出兩條抗菌蛋白峰,這表明r21 - 4產生的細菌素是由兩種不同分子量的蛋白質組成的,通過tricine - sds - page檢測,只能檢測到一條分子量相對較大的細菌素,分子量在8 , 570da左右。
  4. We pay attention to the technical content of the product, carries on the deep processing to the product, introduces the bacteriolysis enzyme extraction technology of american group company, take the duck ' s egg as the raw material, extract the bacteriolysis enzyme that is widely applied to the medicine, the cosmetics, food anticorrosion and the bio - engineering fields of research, and we may extract 2500 kilograms every year ; we study the technology of maintaining egg product freshness with the shenyang agricultural college ; abandons with the national environmental protection agriculture using the project center, the dalian environmental science design research institute, the chwangho city environmental protection bureau jointly carries on the birds and beasts feed increase ecology conditioner expansion tests, makes zhuanghe city heidao agriculture comprehensive exploitation co., ltd the provincial level science and technology innovation enterprise

  5. Bio - remediation techniques of crude oil contaminated soils

  6. Packaging materials amp; trends of the bio - project

  7. Study on the burning characters of bio - coal briquette

  8. Sustainable development and bio - culture construction

  9. Ion beam mutation has significant bio - effect

  10. Q : the bio - energetic diet and so on and so forth

  11. Specification for design of bio - contact oxidation process

  12. Specification for designof bio - contact oxidation process

  13. Please click here for the bio of mr. david eldon

  14. Afcd tightens bio - security requirements for duck farms

  15. Effect of bio - fertilizer of aerobiosis fermentation of static state on yields of casava

  16. The features of the dyeing wastewaters and the status quo of the treatment are presented, and a review is given for the mineral and org. macromol. coagulators, as well as the bio - enzymes, such as their synthetic ways, chem. modifications, and application progress in dyeing / printing wastewater treatment

  17. This study is a post - cruise study of this leg, calcareous nannofossil samples from sites 1146, 1147 and 1148 of leg 184 were analyzed to provide a high - resolution biostratigraphy for this leg and to investigate morphological variation of coccolith genus gephyrocapsa. the main results of this study are : 1. 12 late pliocene to pleistocene bio - events were recognized and 6 zones of martini ( 1971 ) were determined for the upper sediment sequences of sites 1146 and 1148

    本文作為大洋鉆探項目船下后續研究的一部分,對184航次中的1146站位和1147 、 1148站位的樣品進行了分析和研究,在船上科學家已經建立起的地層框架的基礎上進一步加密采樣,對生物事件標志化石類別進行數量統計,進一步確定了12個生物事件在鉆孔中的深度,建立起了兩個站位的高解析度的鈣質超微化石生物地層框架。
  18. The dr. wu lumbar tractor has modern design with two jars which utilize the condensability of air and the hydromechanical theory to realize the auto balance of the air pressure in the two jars, thus guaranteeing the elastic pulling of lumbar, the only one that conforms to the “ human bio - elastic mechanics ”

  19. 6. bio - gold pearl aged cuticle layers removed cream

    6 .活性金珍珠去死皮膏
  20. Foot guard essence : it contains bio - grease, ve, vb and the other active factors. it can repair xerosis cutis, whiten and protect skin

    護足精華素:含生物脂、 ve 、 vb等多元活力因子,能修護皮膚乾燥皸裂、美白護膚。