black vulture 中文意思是什麼

black vulture 解釋
  • black : n 布萊克〈姓氏〉。adj 1 黑,黑色的。2 暗的;黑暗的。3 (教士等)穿黑衣的。4 污染的,(手等)弄臟...
  • vulture : n. 【鳥類】兀鷹;禿鷲;貪得無厭者,劫掠者。adj. -turine
  1. A man feeds abu, a white - black vulture, in a field near the little village of liederholthuis in overijssel, netherlands, may 9, 2007

  2. The natural work trend according to alone jade color carves the clever vulture accurate, the bright and clean, exquisite glittering and translucent jade satisfactory, the color trend are at ease fresh, the glittering and translucent charming wave spends a latter half of part for alone the jade chequered with black and white is mounting the clever vulture, alone the jade carves a previous half of smooth headquarter oil black as it happens dolphin, a moment go down consummate delineating in consummate feat of vulture division coming out, after one ' s death simultaneous visual dolphin small lovable dolphin from jumping over in the sea

  3. Alone the jade part vulture makes sympathetic this money work, black for lofty one high mountain, clever vulture one opens the full overgrown multicolored vine above, flower size coincides homogeneously, the carver is fine and smooth consummate, similar to one kind piling on really are very vivid