collapse of lung 中文意思是什麼

collapse of lung 解釋
  • collapse : vi 1 (屋頂等)倒塌,塌下;(政府等)崩潰,瓦解。2 (價格等)暴跌;(計劃等)失敗;(身體、健康等...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • lung : n. 1. 肺臟,肺。2. (無脊椎動物的)呼吸器官。3. 【醫學】輔助呼吸的裝置。4. 〈pl. 〉 〈英國〉可供呼吸新鮮空氣的地方。
  1. Manual hyperinflation helps alveolar recruitment, which results in secretion clearance, ventilation improvement, lung collapse prevention, lung collapse re - inflation, dynamic compliance improvement, artery oxygenation improvement and work of breathing reduction according to certain clinical reports from foreign sources

  2. We do know collapse of the lung does occur not only post-operatively but in other conditions as well.