comparative spectrum 中文意思是什麼

comparative spectrum 解釋
  • comparative : adj 1 比較(上)的。2 相當的,還可以的。3 【語法】比較級的。4 〈委婉語〉(廣告等)比較性的,攻擊...
  • spectrum : n. (pl. -tra )1. 【物理學】譜,光譜;波譜;能譜,質譜。2. 【無線電】射頻頻譜;無線電(信號)頻譜。3. 【心理學】(眼睛的)余像;殘像。4. 〈轉義〉范圍,幅度;(連續的)系列。
  1. According to the experimental data of droplet size 、 particle spectrum range 、 droplet cone shape 、 flow rate 、 cover area and cover area rate which obtained through changing the pressure of power sprayer and the nozzle diameter in greenhouse , this paper made comparative analysis on atomizing performance in same pressure and different nozzle type between same nozzle type and different pressure. the conclusion is that : the ejection rate and the droplet cone shape change with the variation of pressure and nozzle diameter , average particle diameter decreases obviously and particle quantity increases obviously with the increase of pressure and decrease of nozzle diameter. these results will lay experimental foundation for precise spraying 、 low pollution and highly effective operation

  2. The research interests of this group include : aborvirus diagnosis technology development and the interaction of aborvirus and mosquitoes, entomopathogenic bacteria and insecticidal gene resources, microbial genomics and comparative genomics, insecticidal proteins and their mode of action, construction of engineering strains with higher toxicity and wider active spectrum, production, standardization and the application of bio - pesticide and other microbial agents, resistance mechanism in target insects and the resistance management

  3. Fourth, according to the weibull distributing functions of equivalent loads, calculated the max loads by expanded sample method, acquired eight routine loads spectrum of each roads taking advantages of the connover classification method, calculated the respective enhancement coefficient in principle of amended miner linear accumulated fatigue damage rule, by the comparative norm of general tar - paved road, educed the mathematical model of calculating enhancement coefficient of synthesized roads

    利用數理統計的方法得到了各路面的等效載荷的weibull分佈函數。第四,根據各路面的等效載荷的weibull分佈函數採用擴展樣本法求得了各路面的極值載荷,按照connover的分級法得到了各路面的八級程序載荷譜。以一般瀝青公路為比較基準,採用修正的miner線性累積損傷理論,根據前橋的s - n和p - s - n關系式得到了各路面的強化系數,建立了綜合路面的強化系數計算的數學模型。
  4. Different vocal behavior models were given from sound spectrum analysis for different songs. based on rule sonagram, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, difference comparative analysis in and between individuals for different songs were developed, and obtained the sresuls were as follows : ( 1 ) acoustic properties of male songs were that there were less syllables in every single calling song, it was usually more t

    通過對不同鳴聲的聲譜分析,給出了不同鳴聲的聲行為模式,並在常規聲圖的基礎上,對不同鳴聲進行了定性與定量分析、個體內差異比較分析以及個體間差異比較分析,得出結果如下: ( 1 )雄性的鳴聲特性是每個單次叫聲中含有的音節數較少,一般不超過4個音節;而雌性的鳴聲特博士學位論文摘要東北農業大學仿毀刨會次叫聲?
  5. 2. methods in frequency domain : through a comparative study, wedge and ring feature of fourier transform performs better than other features based on texture spectrum. it represents the directivity, coarseness and regularity of an image