cooling box 中文意思是什麼

cooling box 解釋
  • cooling : n. ,adj. 冷卻(的)。
  • box : n 1 箱,櫃,匣,盒;罩殼;錢櫃;〈美口〉保險箱;郵箱,信箱;〈英國〉禮盒;禮物(旅行用)衣箱。2 ...
  1. On the bridge main engine instrument board, there is main engine cooling water thermometer, lub oil pressure gauge, main engine revolution indicator, main engine emergency shutdown pushbutton, and there is audible and visual alarm device for main engine lub oil low pressure, cooling water high temperature, gear box lub oil low working pressure

  2. In addition to military products, criaa designed & manufactured many kinds of industrial products such as ff series servovalves, lpg recovery plant, airport hydrant refuelling equipments, hydraulic pump stations, hydraulic control system and testing equipments, low temperature box with natural air cooling, and air refrigerators used for mines etc

    產品除軍用外,開發的民品有: ff系列伺服閥、油田氣輕烴回收裝置、機場栓式加油設備、液壓控制系統產品及試驗設備、空氣製冷低溫箱、礦用空氣製冷機等。
  3. Thermal stress analysis of helium cooling lines in control valve box for bepc ssm magnet

  4. Axial fan as purging and cooling in electric switch box

  5. Study of optimization on computer box cooling performance

  6. Composed of extruder, head, cooling water tank, first puller, hot stretch able bellow, second puller, pressing device, shaping box, third puller, coiling device and electrical control system, the set has been mainly used in the production of machine used pp packing straps

  7. This is a newly introduced slight shocking, direct driving centrifugal hyro - extractor. the electric locomotive on its base is semi - closed, internal ventilating, self cooling, weight adding and energy saving. the internal drum and rotational drum are istalled on the axel of the locomotive and drived directly, which effectively decreases energyloss, and simplifies therotation. acontrolling box is used in the machine to start through frequency conversion. and stop through resistance. the showing board shows the rotation speed and adjusts the speed and time. the featues of this machine areenergy saving, durable and repair infrequent. this machine is spcially used for cloth hydroectraction

  8. The silicon core pipe line is mainly consists of sj90 x30 extruder, sj45x30 extruder, sj30x25 extruder, vacuum calibrating box, cooling flume, tractor, rolling machine and others. its total length is about 43 meters

    本硅芯管生產線主要由sj90x30擠出機sj45x30擠出機sj30x25擠出機,真空定徑箱冷卻水槽牽引機收卷機等幾個單元組成,總長約46m 。
  9. To achieve this temperature, the atoms must be isolated in a vacuum cell, suspended in free space by magnetic fields, and chilled by laser cooling and another technique called evaporative cooling [ see box on page 51 ]

    要達此溫度,原子必須隔離在真空腔里,利用磁場而漂浮在真空中,並以雷射冷卻法或另一種稱為蒸發冷卻的技術來降溫(參見87頁降溫大法) 。
  10. This equipment is mainly composed of braising apparatus 、 condenser 、 balanced water tank 、 material pump 、 circulating pump of cooling water 、 double water - ring vaccum pump 、 connecting pipeline and electrical control box

  11. Moreover, they are rugged and do not require liquid - nitrogen cooling, making them compact enough to fit inside a shoe box

  12. Test method for thermal performance of cooling - air duct sections, using a calibrated hot box

  13. Closed cooling box