dead daughters 中文意思是什麼

dead daughters 解釋
  • dead : adj 1 死的;無生命的,無生物的。2 無感覺的。3 (炭等)已熄滅的;無生氣的,呆滯的,停頓的;冷落的...
  • daughters : 多特斯
  1. She said parents with dead daughters, like those with dead sons, were also carrying out an obligation to their child

  2. In court today the two men charged in the connecticut home invasion that left a mother and her two daughters dead

  3. There was some that they called crayons, which one of the daughters which was dead made her own self when she was only fifteen years old

  4. As her successor in that house, she regarded her with jealous abhorrence. whenever charlotte came to see them she concluded her to be anticipating the hour of possession ; and whenever she spoke in a low voice to mr. collins, was convinced that they were talking of the longbourn estate, and resolving to turn herself and her daughters out of the house as soon as mr. bennet were dead

  5. Daughters and dead fish are no keeping wares