directional error 中文意思是什麼

directional error 解釋
  • directional : adj. 1. 方向的。2. 【無線電】指向的,定向的。
  • error : n. 1. 錯誤;失錯。2. 謬見,誤想;誤信;誤解。3. 罪過。4. 【數學】誤差;【法律】誤審,違法;(棒球中的)錯打。adj. -less 無錯誤的,正確的。
  1. Error estimates of directional derivatives of approximately specified functions

  2. Finally, this thesis discussed these following questions : first, the algorithm of used the error image for improving the purpose of the edge detection. secondly, we have transformed the solved question of the first and the second directional derivative to frequency domain and founded they have a single formulae in frequency domain. thirdly, we have described the singular signal and the noise by using the correlations of the neighbor data after wavelet transform

    最後,在傳統的邊緣檢測演算法和小波分析的邊緣檢測演算法之外,對以下幾個方面也進行了一些討論: 1 )利用誤差圖像來提高邊緣檢測效果的演算法; 2 )將求解任意方向的一階、二階方向導數的問題轉換到頻域中去求解,發現在頻域中它們具有簡單易用的公式,使得原來求解任意方向的一階、二階導數的比較困難的問題變得容易實現了。
  3. Angular calibration of radar antenna system is composed of the calibration of angular error sensitivities ( also called directional sensitivity ), adjustment of cross - coupling of azimuth and elevation signals, and the calibrations of system errors such as antenna axial system error, dynamic delay and so on

  4. Exponential bounds of mean error for the kernel regreeion estimates with directional data

  5. In order to eliminate the influences caused by temperature, electrode - polarization and autoeciousness - capacitance, the traditional instrument has added complicated circuits so that it cause such shortcomings as big error, time - retardation and a relatively small scope. through the problems caused by 2 - probe electrode and ac current source, a new measuring circuit based on the excitation of bi - directional voltage pulse and the sensor of 4 - probe electrode is proposed, using single - chip to achieve auto - temperature compensation

  6. It has good computational cost because of avoiding any inverse operation and optimal ordering. it also utilizes double - directional detection and diversity combine technology to migrate the error propagation, and then improve the ber performance

  7. This paper mainly studies the coupling error caused by induction voltage phase difference, and fluctuation of directional sensitivity caused by changes in near - field difference slope. the trend of system sum and difference phase difference, directional sensitivity and cross - coupling with change in distance is compared and discussed when the antenna is in the near - field and at a certain elevation

  8. Design and error analysis of bi - directional hot centering mechanism