eal 中文意思是什麼

eal 解釋
1. Ethiopian Airlines 衣索比亞航空公司。
2. Eastern Air Lines 〈美國〉東方航空公司。

  1. On receipt of the notification, the company lodge an a eal

  2. The challenge is to make it so that it has more of a me a eal

  3. However, there exists crisis in the future development of eal under the surface of its success

  4. Scheler ' s sociology of knowledge is, in a very eal sense, ancilla philoso - phi - ae, and of a very specific philosophy to boot

  5. Economic analysis of law ( eal ) has been introduced into china for nearly twenty years and has produced undeniable fruits

    摘要法律經濟分析( eal )進入中國已近二十年,這一新興領域內產生的效果不容否定。
  6. 745 we have a wide selection of sweaters that will a eal to all ages, and in particular the teenager market which you ecified

  7. 2 ) the quantity of eal increased largely compared with the former set, for example each base station elevation 13 %. 3 ) operation receipt enhanced by 20 %

  8. The scientists found no significant links between maternal consumption of other types of food ( pork, lamb, eal, chicken, soya and egetables ) and sperm quality

  9. The hypoallergenic felines are now on sale in america and will a eal to people who would normally develop red eyes, eezing ru y noses and breathing difficulties when around cats

  10. The aims of this article are to disclose the problems of the development of eal in china and to propose the proper way of uniting eal and jurisprudence of china

  11. Client agrees to pay attorney for his services under this agreement a sun equal to ? ? ( 12 ) ? ? percent of any monies or property obtained or received by client as the result of voluntary compromise or other out - of - court settlement ; ? ? ( 13 ) ? ? percent if received after judgment ; and ? ? ( 14 ) ? ? percent if received by client after a eal

    如結果為自願或其他形式的庭外調解,客戶同意根據本合同規定按客戶所獲得賠償款額或財產的? ? %支付律師服務費;如經判決獲賠償,支付? ? % ;如經上訴后獲賠償,支付? ? % 。