ec 中文意思是什麼

ec 解釋
n. 名詞 〈俚語〉經濟學 (=economics)。

  1. The contribution of ec focuses on panel establishment, implementation of recommendations and rulings, compensation and the suspension of concessions, regulation of amicus curiae and so on

  2. In this experiment, seedlings of arabidopsis thaliana ( col ) were observed after being treated by verlicillium dahliae ( vd - toxin ), exogenous salicylic acid ( sa ), nitric oxide donor ( snp ) and nitric oxide synthase inhibitor ( nna ), then we investigated the changes of endogenous h2o2 content, the activity of the antioxidant enzymes catalase ( cat, ec : 1. 11. 1. 6 ) and ascorbate peroxidase ( apx, ec : 1. 11. 1. 11 ) and mrna levels of cat3 in different stress conditions, we also identified the localizations of h2o2 and no accumulated in the leaves of arabidopsis

    本實驗研究了棉花黃萎病菌?大麗輪枝菌毒素( vd - toxin )與擬南芥幼苗互作反應中外源sa 、 no供體snp 、 no合酶抑制劑nna等不同處理對擬南芥幼苗h _ 2o _ 2含量、 cat和apx活性及cat基因mrna表達量的影響,並對no 、 h _ 2o _ 2的積累部位進行染色檢測。
  3. Vsp is both a pivotal tache in logistic distribution optimization and indispensable in electronic commerce. it can increase logistic economic benefit and realize logistic rationalization. the systemic study on the theory and method of vsp is the base on the growth of logistic intensivism, the establishment of modem chain of command, the development of its and ec. now, the problem is not only applied to the field of auto transportation, but also to ship avigation communication electricity industry management computer application etc. the algorithm has been applied into many combinatorial optimization problems such as the trainman ' s shift arrangement in avigation the optimization design of cargo arrangement in ship company

  4. The producer, the blackmore company, publishes the ec versus ppm n that the formulation adds to the overall ec of a water solution

  5. Require for the orientation market in recent years, my company extends the production scale continuously, having become the color cosmetic finished product that have the equal real strenght process the business enterprise, the customer have spread all over europe, america, japan, corea middle east, taiwan etc. also is the cooperation with much more local famous cosmetic company colleague. the product standard matches the united states fda, the european ec and original to living the province with japan, the technique request of the hygiene section of korea

    近年來為適應市場需求,我公司不斷擴大生產規模,現已成為有相當實力的彩妝成品加工企業,客戶已經遍及歐美韓日中東獨聯體等國家和地區,同時也是國內多家知名品牌彩妝企業的合作夥伴。產品標準分別符合美國fda ,歐洲ec和日本原生省,韓國衛生部門的技術要求。
  6. Till now most evs adapt such methods as ocv ( open ciruit voltage detective ), lv ( load voltage detective ), ir ( inner resistance detective ) and ec ( energy cumulation detective )

  7. The study results of this paper can serve the two scientific subjects of our teaching and research group as basic data calculation and elementary exploration. the two subjects are : constructing high activity - amylase genes by dna shuffling technology and studying on the evolution in vitro by mutational pcr ( with 5 - br - dutp as substitute partly ) and dna shuffling technology. - amylase ( ec 3. 2. 1. 1 ; 1, 4 - a - d - glucanohydrolase ) can catalyzes the hydrolysis of - 1, 4 - glycosidic bonds of starch from middle and liberates - maltose, - glucose and - limit dextrin stepwise

    本試驗根據genbank已公布的黃單胞菌-澱粉酶基因的核苷酸序列由引物設計軟體premierprimer5 . 0輔助設計了一對引物( primer & primer ) ,以pbluescript ks +和puc18 / puc19質粒為載體,用常規的pcr方法從xanthomonascampestrispv . malvacearum ( smith ) dye等七株黃單胞菌( xanthomomasspp . )的基因組dna中克隆得到8個基因片段,分別命名為zhyf001 zhyf008 。
  8. I judge our conduct in the ec-121 crisis as weak, indecisive, and disorganized.

  9. Woman : the following items have been rated ec - 10 -

    擁有以下物品已被列為ec - 10 -
  10. Woman : the foiiowing items have been rated ec - 1 0 -

    以下物品已被評定為ec - 10物品
  11. The effects of ec cultural variations on translation

  12. We accept visa, mastercard, maestro and ec - cards

  13. Woman : the foiiowing items have been rated ec - 1 0 - -

    以下物品已被評定為ec - 10物品
  14. Control effect of shiguo ec on weed in garlic field

  15. Practical thinking of eai application on ec amp; amp; erp integration

  16. The foiiowing items have been rated ec - 1 0 - -

    以下物品已經被列為ec - 10物品
  17. The foiiowing items have been rated ec - 1 0 -

    以下物品已經被列為ec - 10物品
  18. Characteristics of apyrase ec 3. 6. 1. 5 on cultured bovine endocardial endothelial cells

  19. Figure 4 - 34. embryology of the atrioentricular junction. the primitie atrioentricular canal is partitioned by the growth of the endocardial cushions ( ec ), interatrial septum ( ias ), and interentricular septum ( is )

    房室交界處的胚胎發育。原始房室管生長分化為心內膜墊( ec ) ,房間隔( ias )和室間隔( is ) 。
  20. To develop our own ec security technologies is an exigent mission