electromagnetic sensor 中文意思是什麼

electromagnetic sensor 解釋
  • electromagnetic : adj. 電磁的。
  • sensor : n. 1. =sensory (名詞). 2. 【自動化】感受器;傳感器;靈敏元件,控制儀板上顯示溫度、輻射量等變動的裝置。
  1. This text divides into five chapters altogether : chapter one in the introduction, have introduced the common sensor of displacement, has pointed out the fine characteristic of hall ' s sensor, put forward the basic task ; chapter two have introduced the basic operation principle of hall ' s component ; chapter three introduce hall temperature performance, electromagnetic characteristic, zero error, frequency characteristic and these parameter commonly used compensation method and hall simple application of component ; chapter four having recommended the measurement principle of the feedback servo mechanism, systematic implementation method, the experimental result has appeared, structure the mathematics model, and has analysed the error ; chapter five have pointed out the developing direction in the future while looking forward to

  2. The problem of torque increase and drill fracture during the process of deep well drilling was analyzed, and a safety protection and control technique was introduced, where a torque sensor was fixed between drilling bar and motor axis, while an electromagnetic clutch was fixed in the transmission chain of feed system

  3. The criteria for site selection were very strict. because of the sensor s high sensitivity, there should not be electromagnetic interference and building obstructions around the site. there is also the need for appropriate communication lines at the site

  4. The conclusion is that inductive electromotive force, gotten from sensor with the distribution regularities of weighting function, is proportional to the average flow velocity in pipe and is not relevant to the distribution of flow velocity when flow velocity is non - central symmetry with the central axis. so electromagnetic flowmeter could solve the question of high accuracy in principles

  5. To get a tiny - current high - precision current transformer avoiding electromagnetic susceptible 、 performance instability 、 short life of electronic ones, studies high - precision passive current sensor with single - turn cored structure by reducing its secondary turns. based on the zero - flux current transformer principle, propose a passive zero - flux compensation method and deduced it. designs a current transformer with 500 turns based on this method

  6. It can automatically match rotational speed generator, electromagnetic rotational speed sensor and electromagnetic turbine flowmeter. moreover it can adapted measured signal that is 1v ~ 300v voltage and 1hz ~ 2500hz frequency

  7. The remote sensing refers to air to ground one, namely from different working platform far away the ground ( for example gao ta, balloon, airplane, rocket, the artificial earth satellite, spaceship, aerospace craft and so on ), through the sensor, exploring the information ( radiation ) to the earth ' s surface electromagnetic wave, and after the information transmission, processes, estimation and analysis, it can be regarded as a kind of comprehensive technology of surveying and monitoring earth ' s resources and its environment

  8. 2 for the first time, the author brings forward the concept of " pyramid horn high order mode resonator " and pml - fdtd technique is used to analyze the electromagnetic field distribution in the pyramid horn. the results show that the pyramid horn sensor is much more sensitive than the open ended waveguide or transmission line sensors. the sensor we used is a kind of resonance sensor

    二、首次提出了「角錐喇叭高次模諧振腔」的概念,並且採用pml ? fdtd法分析了角錐喇叭場分佈狀態,從而,得出了角錐喇叭探頭比終端開口波導或傳輸線探頭靈敏得多的原因在於:我們採用的探頭是諧振式探頭,消聲瓦樣品的差別相當于對角錐諧振腔的微擾;採用波導或同軸線探頭,消聲瓦樣品的差別相當于對傳輸線終端負載有一點變化而已。
  9. Starting with automation system, this paper, firstly, outlines the status of sensor lying in automation field and its developing state, shows the superiority about eddy current test by comparing it with the other nondestructive tests, expatiates the modern developing state about eddy current technology both here and there, shows the vista about eddy current test in our country and the background of the subject about the test for the width and thickness of stripe in the in - wall of cylinder after laser thermal treatment. secondly, beginning with maxwell equation in electromagnetic field theory and combining with some electromagnetic phenomena in real life, this paper explains qualitatively the operating principle about eddy current technology and the test theory for multi - parameter test with multi - frequency by math illation and gives some applying occasions about it

  10. In this topic, the error characteristic of resistance voltage sensor was analyzed in theory, by using electric circuit analysis, the reasons which affected its error were gotten. based on theory analyses, initial structure was designed. then by using fem ( finite element method ) of simple resonance field, several structures electromagnetic field was calculated, and their amplitude errors, phase errors, maximum of electric field intensity and frequency characteristic of amplitude error were contrasted

  11. Besides, we use software smooth filtering to minish the influence of white noise and high - frequency noise, ground connection and shield technology to eliminate electromagnetic interference, and rational circuit distribution to attain high signal - to - noise of the whole fiber optic weak magnetic sensor system

  12. The hardware of the system is sum up with the purchased television aerial, agilent 8482h power sensor, dsp, oscillograph, etc. for the software part, the architecture takes advantage of the mathematical rule of both the antenna ’ s radiation field and electromagnetic field, for example, the finite - difference time - domain ( fdtd ) method

    硬體電路設計調試方面,利用購置電視天線、 aglient8482h功率傳感器和dsp 、示波器等組成系統等進行試驗。在軟體模擬中,本文重點介紹並且綜合應用了天線輻射場的計算方法和電磁場的數值計算方法? ?時域有限差分( fdtd )方法。
  13. Optical fiber process tomography ( ofpt ) is a new technology in the field of optical fiber sensor ( ofs ). the probe of ofpt is small, safe, free of electromagnetic interference and has high sensitivity in low - density medium case same as ofs, more important and different is that it can detect the medium distribution and contents of the cross - section to be investigated simultaneously, which makes ofpt show potential and extensive applications in petroleum, chemical, energy, medicine, food and sanitation fields to control product quality, realize safe production and reduce the cost

  14. Electromagnetic transducer sensor

  15. The application of cygnal singal controller to intelligent electromagnetic flux sensor

  16. Fiber bragg grating ( fbg ) sensor, which uses the property that the bragg wavelength is sensitive to temperature and strain, is a new kind of fiber optic sensor. in addition to having the same functions as the traditional electric sensors, the fbg sensor also has some special characteristics such as distributed sensing, immune to electromagnetic interference, high precision and long - term stability

  17. Based on the fact of electric power system, the paper introduces a new simple method : displace - intensity modulated fiber - optic temperature sensor, the sensor is a insulator and is small, so it has the advantages of low - price, simple - structure, safety, no electromagnetic interference

  18. This paper has analyzed the characteristics of near - field electromagnetic fields and the measurement principle of magnetic - field sensor, and designed probe, amplifier unit and compensator according to measurement needs. finally, based on the electromagnetic pulse simulator in the lab, a set of experiments have been done on the designed magnetic fields measurement system and analyzed the error of the measurement system

  19. Owing to all - fiber - based system and the needle type of single fiber sensor head, it has many merits such as immunity to electromagnetic interference, simple structure, high measurement precision, high sensitivity and low drift

    該傳感器系統採用針式單光纖結構的傳感頭,使得系統具有結構簡單、高精度、高靈敏度、無漂移等優點,其液位測量精度可達0 . 5mm ,最大光調制深度為21db 。