end nozzle 中文意思是什麼

end nozzle 解釋
  • end : n 1 端,尖,末端,終點。2 邊緣;極點,極限。3 結局,結果。4 目的。5 最後,死。6 【紡織;印染】經...
  • nozzle : n. 管嘴;噴嘴;〈俚語〉鼻子。 a jet [propelling] nozzle 【火箭】尾噴管。
  1. The effects of reynolds number, back surface of nozzle, aft - dome configuration and degree of submergence on aft - end internal flow were studied by both cold gas simulation and numerical simulation. it is showed that the separated flow is sensitive to the change of reynolds number and aft - end cavity configuration

  2. The motor case is a steel cylinder closed tight at one end. the other end is the open throat and nozzle.

  3. Turn on the nozzle cat the end of hosered

    打開噴嘴(在水管的末端) 。
  4. Detailed predictions on the fluid flow in mold and in cavity of nozzle working end were obtained at different side - hole angle and submerged depth of nozzles, and then the flux variation of liquid steel passing through central hole of the three - hole nozzle and the fluctuation of liquid steel in mold were inspected based on above predictions

  5. Flow details of measurement indicate that the coupling of periodic separated flow ( such as low frequency swinging of separation line ) with nozzle flow may cause aft - end internal flow unsteady. recirculation flow gains more energy from the main flow, at the same time the turbulence intensity increases

  6. As a simple device without moving parts, vortex tube is composed of nozzle, vortex chamber, separating plate, control valve, hot - end and cold - end

  7. At the preliminary stage of burning the gas flows along the back surface of the submerged nozzle and no recirculation forms in the aft - end cavity. at the medium stage of burning a weak recirculation forms in the rear of aft - end cavity by the force of injection flow. at the end stage of burning the flow separates at the c ombustion channel and a strong vortex forms in the aft - end cavity

  8. Fire and water mingles the shower nozzle adopt the peculiar device to be too busy to be tied in wedlock with spraying water and gushing fire, the end in the water column burns raging flames

  9. The end of the belt easily attaches to any faucet while the buckle acts as a shower nozzle