extended spread 中文意思是什麼

extended spread 解釋
  • extended : adj. 1. 伸開的,展開的。2. 延長的,繼續的。3. (勢力)擴大的;擴張的;(意思)引伸的。4. 【印刷】(鉛字)寬體的。
  • spread : vt (spread)1 伸開,伸長(手臂等),展開,張開(帆等),打開(地圖等);鋪開(氈子等),展寬,展...
  1. The accumulation of vegetative storage proteins in new shoots occurred firstly in the base parts of extending stems, and spread from the bottom to the top parts of extended stems with the most abundant vegetative storage proteins in the bottom parts

  2. In the gucheng ( ancient city ) oil field, where isotope trace injection profile test is not suit for, by having applied and spread the temperature method injection profile testing technique, a comparatively accurate injection profile result has been got. furthermore, during the process of dynamic monitor in steam injection development reservoir, the testing technologies of general well ' s temperature throughput profile in injection steam throughput production well and general well ' s temperature taking in steam profile in intermission steam pushing injection steam well are initiated, which having extended the applied field of the conventional temperature logging equipments, reduced the dynamic monitoring cost of thermal production reservoir greatly and provided much accurate and reliable data for the study of reservoir ' s behaviors and adjustment of developing projects

  3. In the paper, both the size of the source and of the beam spot of a extended gaussian beam are considered and their influences on both the lateral and axial resolution of a fluorescent confocal microscopy are studied and calculated based on the power transfer function and three - dimensional pulse spread function

  4. Mhc is an extended cluster of genes with extraordinary polymorphism, which consists of three classes of genes ( class i, class ii and classiii ). they are different from each other in their structure, expression, mode of evolution and so on. class ii genes are further divided into two subclasses and the mhc genes spread over nearly all vertebrates extensively

    Mhc基因是一個高度多態的基因群,主要包括三大類基因?類( class ) 、類( class )和類( class )基因,它們無論在結構組成、表達組織的類型、刺激特定t細胞的類群及長期進化等方面都有所不同;類基因還可進一步分為a 、 b兩個亞類:各類基因廣泛分佈於各種脊椎動物體內。
  5. Development has spread to the tuen mun - yuen long corridor. development in yuen long new town is being extended southward. infrastructure works for the southern extension area commenced at end - 2002 for completion by 2005