faa 中文意思是什麼

faa 解釋
FAA = Federal Aviation Administration 〈美國〉聯邦航空局。

  1. Comparative analysis of airport pavement design procedures between caac and faa

  2. Must hold caac cert 、 convert faa cert 、 jaa cert , valid category ii health certificate

    持有caac 、 faa 、 jaa現行有效的飛行教員執照和體檢合格證。
  3. When they returned to the ship, farder coram and john faa and the other leaders spent a long time in conference in the saloon, and lyra went to her cabin to consult the alethiome - ter

  4. Cuhk faa chan chun ha secondary school

  5. Para escrever comentrio primeiro faa o log - in para acessar

  6. Faa to keep flight caps at ohare two more years

  7. The faa has grounded all air traffic in the united states

  8. Faa approves new child safety device for airliners

  9. Faa - federal aviation administration

  10. Faa federal aviation administration

  11. I already did. i ' ve also notified the faa to check flight manifests,

  12. The faa has taken the action to close all of the airports in the united states

  13. Designated faa medical examiner

    航空身體? ?指定醫
  14. The results showed that the level and amount of proteolysis increased with the processing time by traditional technology, while the amount of peptides was positively correlated with faa contents ( r ^ 2 = 0. 86 )

    結果表明:在傳統工藝條件下,蛋白質發生不同程度的降解,並隨著加工工藝的進行蛋白分解量增多,小肽總量和氨基酸總量呈正相關( r ^ 2 = 0 . 86 ) 。
  15. A qualify faa maintenance repairer, the repairer of aircraft maintenance division, airlines, the repairer of engine maintenance

  16. 10 permit aqa to provide copies of the final assessment report to anab, iatf, aaqg, or faa, as appropriate

    在適當的情況下,允許aqa將最終的審核報告復印件提交給anab , iatf , aaqg或者faa 。
  17. Emergency services international believes that what we in the industry and the faa have been requiring in a full - scale tri - annual exercise does not meet our airports and aviation industry need any more

  18. Last month, cad officials attended a conference on cockpit security in kuala lumpur, malaysia organised by the faa

  19. The emphasis in this composition is windshear signal processing technology. some processing methods are introduced in detail, they are suppressing clutter, extracting windshear parameters, computing hazard factor and etc. the signal processing simulation is accomplished on computer, it includes simulating microburst echo signal, simulating ground clutter echo signal, filtering clutter, estimating wind speed and calculating hazard factor. from the simulated results, a dangerous windshear is detected 5o ~ 78s, so the radar performance meets the certification requirements proposed by faa and nasa

  20. Comair plane with about 50 people aboard has crashed just after takeoff from lexington, kentucky. the faa says there have been significant fatalities