face-around 中文意思是什麼

face-around 解釋
n. 名詞 轉變方向[態度]。

  • face : n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • around : adv 1 周圍,四面。2 〈美口〉各處,四處。3 左近,在附近。4 圍著,環繞。 5 向相反方向。 6 循環重現...
  1. Her dark, human like hair, hung in loose curls around her almost angelic face

  2. Busoni turned around, and, perceiving the excitement depicted on the magistrate s face, the savage lustre of his eyes, he understood that the revelation had been made at the assizes ; but beyond this he was ignorant

  3. " no ! " the abb threw off his wig, shook his head, and his hair, no longer confined, fell in black masses around his manly face

    「是的,我不是, 」長老拉掉他的頭發,搖一遙頭,他的黑發披散到他那英俊的面孔兩旁。
  4. His face crinkled in tenderness, and his hands cupped around an invisible object.

  5. His face and the parts around his eyes gave the impression of total exhaustion.

  6. But a recompense was in store for him ; turning around, he saw near the door a beautiful fair face, whose large blue eyes were, without any marked expression, fixed upon him, while the bouquet of myosotis was gently raised to her lips

  7. That gives you an idea of the often nightmarish traffic drivers face around here

  8. If you happened to touch her, when she warn t noticing, she done the same ; she couldn t face noway and be satisfied, because she allowed there was something behind her every time - so she was always a - whirling around sudden, and saying " ouch, " and before she d got two - thirds around she d whirl back again, and say it again ; and she was afraid to go to bed, but she dasn t set up

    她沒有留意的時候,你偶然碰了她一下,她也會這樣子。不論她的臉朝那個方向,她總是不放心,因為她認為在她身子背後,每一回都有什麼妖怪之類所以她不停地突然轉身,一邊說「啊唷」 。還沒有轉到三分之二,就又轉回來,又說一聲「啊唷」 。
  9. Introduce according to the relevant data, persian cat is in around 16 centurieses, from the himalayas cat and angola cat miscellaneous hand over, lift through several years to breed but grow purely. persian cat ' s figure is bigger, wering grown by the hair and thick and airtight, head circle big, the face is flat even, sum breadth the ear is small, circle the eye snub - nosed tone short breadth, the body feels round and smooth because the hair grows, the arms and legs is thick short soft, the tail is fluffy and bulky, giving person a kind of noblest felling. persian cat ' s pressing is canned is divided into a white, black, red by the hair color ' s dissimilarity, yellow, dark gray, blue, double color, tortoise shell color, miscellaneous color, tiger spot color etc. species. take species of the red as among them valuable

  10. He looked around at each of them with his aggressive, pudgy face set in a fierce scowl.

  11. Offenders could face fines of up to 50 million rupiah around 5, 300 dollars or six months in jail

  12. National is the world, song and dance troupe face the world, since it formed, has been went to russia, mongolia, tanzania, burundi, seychelles, japan, finland, sweden, american, france, poland, czech republic, germany, hungary, bulgaria, rumania, malaysia hong kong etc, has been welcome by the countries and areas, make great contribution to the friendship of all the world around, to propagate china and inner mongolia

  13. Due to exceedingly flat arched vault of the flat tunnel with outsized span and renewed stress allocation in surrounding rock after excavation, which would inevitably induce some excessively large load on the base of arch, therefore, larger load - bearing capability in the is " foundation is a must. on the other hand, smooth face explosion must be applied to excavation of the arch base to further ensure the integrity and continuity of country rock around tunnel

  14. Moreover, you have an air of suavity around you. once you are off the high seat, a warm smile reappears on your face. such qualities are that which i do not have

  15. He sat down by her and put his arms around her ; she buried her face in his bosom, she clung to him, she poured out her terrors, her unavailing regrets, and the far echoes turned them all to jeering laughter

  16. The train was very crowded and she had a hard time turning around to face the goat man, so the man remained very calm, unruffled, and wouldn ' t budge

  17. The hc value in the middle school mathematic education represented some face as fbllowings : grasping the essence through the phenomenon, bung up student the physical weltanschauung. highlighting the processor around the result, taking student to sense searching spirit. giving attention to form and content, holding student to strength taste consciousness

  18. It provides good conditions for local automobile insurance companies to grow up faster through the all - around competition including products, price and service before the foreign companies come in. but it also brings some problems that local companies have to face

  19. If i see your ugly face around, i ' ii have you

  20. What if hugo comes back ? - he won ' t show his face around here

    如果雨果回來怎麼辦? -他不會再露面的