face-lifting 中文意思是什麼

face-lifting 解釋
1. (除去面部皺紋的)整型外科手術;整型。
2. (建築物、汽車等的)改建,翻新(門面)。

  • face : n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • lifting : n. 舉起;吊起;上升。
  1. This is the most precious geoflair oil blend for very dry and mature skin. it provides intense firming effects and revitalizes, thanks to an exotic blend of precious oils like rose, jasmine and neroli. it gives your face an immediate lifting and glowing effect

  2. Additional, as this area discrepancy road face - lifting widens, the environment is farther beautification, this area person is enraged gradually exuberant, brought infinite business chance

  3. She cried, lifting her noble-looking face up to me, all stained as it was with tears, with an air of infinite beseeching that went straight to my heart.

  4. Any charges from non - appointed hospital must be self - supported including fees of registration, traffic, tooth - inserting, face - lifting, health - care, massage, spectacles, dinning in the hospital, tonic medicines of non - treatment and doctor ' s out visiting charges

  5. 5. remove wrinkle, fitness face, breast enlarging lifting

    5 .祛皺瘦臉健胸豐胸
  6. Each time i am distressed by trivial worldly work and obstructions, i always think about the sweet times spent with master, and then my perplexities gradually fade away. in particular, i recall the honor of lifting the sofa after the south africa retreat, although only one leg of it. this memory always recharges me fully with a motivating force to face new challenges

  7. This paper introduces the characteristics of steel wire ropes used in the inclined - tunnel ' s lifting conveyance, analyzes on the main reasons of the rope - broken accident of hydraulic support in fully mechanized coal mining face, and advances some measures for preventing the accident

  8. Being continuously improved and developed, the company s products are widely recognized by both the automobile face - lifting factories and the automobile manufacturers. they have gained a very good reputation in the market

  9. Plc has small cubage, strong function, high reliability, ability to adapt abominable field environment of construct machine to face. in order to improve adaptive ability of hydraulic pile hammer to various soil, various finial velocity and dropping length must be obtained by adjusting time of lifting, dropping and keeping pressure that is accurately selected by the control system of plc

  10. Continuously makes technical innovations, presented member system in 1996, introduced ci system and chain running system in 1998, and cooperated with world automobile maintenance king in america to present " xiangye " six disassembly - free maintenance system in 1999 that is well received by users. moreover, the company has gradually established " xiangye " - - service system of service, maintenance and face - lifting and " austo " - - brand image of automobile product series

    公司實行總經理負責制,不斷進行經營和技術創新,九六年推出會員制,九八年導入ci體系並進行連鎖經營,九九年與美國的世界汽車養護大王進行合作推出祥業六大免拆養護系統,深受廣大用戶的好評,並逐步建立起"祥業" - -汽修、養護、美容的服務體系和"奧斯通" - -車用系列產品的品牌形象。
  11. Face - lifting of old buildings is required in the old urban areas

  12. Dolohov walked slowly, not lifting his pistol, and looking intently with his clear, shining eyes into the face of his antagonist

  13. Count, one god is above us said vereshtchagin, lifting his head, and again the thick vein swelled on his thin neck and the colour swiftly came and faded again from his face

  14. Implement new action - oriented initiatives addressing district concerns such as clean - up actions all over the territory, face - lifting work to village - type refuse collection points and aqua privies, and public toilet refurbishment programme

  15. The electric part of film face - lifting equipment adopts plc ( program logic control ), acquisition and management of signal are designed and analyzed

  16. The transmission system of film face - lifting equipment is optimized by programming optimal program, reliability of transmission system is enhanced

  17. The sick man was so surrounded by the doctors, the princesses and the servants, that pierre could no longer see the reddish - yellow face with the grey mane, which he had never lost sight of for one instant during the ceremony, even though he had been watching other people too. pierre guessed from the cautious movements of the people about the chair that they were lifting the dying man up and moving him

  18. According to improving project, every motion mechanism of film face - lifting equipment is selected and designed, and then its procedure and motion are decomposed and analyzed, moreover, the mechanism is verified by using time sync design method, finally, chain image and simple graph of mechanical motion are obtained