field-mounted 中文意思是什麼

field-mounted 解釋
  • field : n 菲爾德〈姓氏〉。n 1 原野,曠野;(海、空、冰雪等的)茫茫一片。2 田地,牧場;割草場;〈pl 〉〈集...
  • mounted : adj. 1. 騎在馬[自行車]上的。2. 裝好在架子上的;貼在襯紙上的,裱上的;鑲嵌的。
  1. Install a minimum of 1 " above flood level of fixture if factory deck mounted or not less than 6 " if general plumbing field application

  2. B series pneumatic field mounted conreollers. level instruments

  3. B series pneumatic field mounted conreollers. pressure instruments

  4. B series pneumatic field mounted conreollers. temperature instruments

  5. B series pneumatic field mounted conreollers. differential pressure instruments

  6. B series pneumatic field mounted conreollers. 3 - pens recording instruments

  7. Develops, manufactures and distributes level, pressure, flow and density field mounted sensors, with associated monitors and systems

  8. The tsar, surrounded by his suite of officers and courtiers, was mounted on a different horse from the one he had ridden at the review, a chestnut english thoroughbred. bending on one side with a graceful gesture, holding a gold field - glass to his eyes, he was looking at a soldier lying on his face with a blood - stained and uncovered head

  9. Portable long - range infrared surveillance system thermovision 2000 is a state - of - the - art long - range platform mounted thermal imaging system, offering unmatched performance with its long - wave gen - iii qwip sensor and internal three field of view optical system

    Thermovision 2000是尖端科技的長距離安裝有紅外熱像系統的監視平臺,提供無與倫比的第三代長波qwip quantum well infrared photondetector量子阱紅外光電探測器的性能和內置三種不同光學視場角25
  10. Beijing creat provides field rtu with built in advanced relay function s to work with both pole - top and pad - mounted switches and lectable reset time up to 48 hours for locating temporary fault

  11. The camera mounted in front of the tractor could capture the images wheat field during the process of working

  12. The basic principle of the method is that, when the micro drug delivering device mounted with a permanent magnet pass through the alimentary canal, the variety of magnetic field was detected by hall sensors, so the location of micro drug delivering device could be deduced and dynamic tracing can be achieved

  13. The sensor assembly is designed to be mounted on top of a home cage but it can also be configured for any other arena such as an operant cage or an open field