frequency 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['fri:kwənsi]
frequency 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 屢次,頻仍,頻繁。
2. (脈搏等的)次數,出現率;頻度;【物理學】頻率,周率。

  1. The waves should be sheared waves for the anisotropic aeo device and longitudinal waves for the isotropic aeo device. geometrical relationships of anisotropic acousto - optic effect in ln crystal and kdp crystals are studied by tangent - match condition. curves of incident angle vs. abaxial angle, diffractive angle vs. abaxial angle, extreme frequency vs. abaxial angle and acousto - optic merit vs. incident angle vs. abaxial angle are systematically gained and the design parameters are also calculated

  2. Under the incentive of the civil - market demanding such as laser material processing and the military - market demanding such as a new generation of laser weapon candidate and icf, diode - pumped solid laser ( dpsl ) develops rapidly worldwide. as an important application, diode - pumped intracavity - frequency - doubled laser is attached much importance in recent years, but there still remain many problems unresolved completely. in this paper, i have given some abecedarian study results on some of these problems theoretically and experimentally

    因工業激光材料加工等民用市場的需求以及慣性約束聚變和作為新一代激光武器候選器件等軍方需求的推動,國際上高功率二極體泵浦固體激光器( dpsl )的研究進展迅速,作為dpsl的一個重要應用,內腔倍頻一直得到大家的重視,但仍有許多未徹底解決的問題和理論上的不完備之處,本論文擬對其中的一些問題作一初步的理論和實驗研究。
  3. Ct - guided radio - frequency ablation in the treatment of lung cancer

  4. Simulations of gain and aberrance are done to study the amplification of pulse signal with a frequency of 0. 25mhz

    對頻率為0 . 25mhz的脈沖信號放大進行了模擬,分析了其增益和脈沖畸變隨放大參量的變化情況。
  5. Hot firings show that the frequency of the oscillating shock is close to the acoustic frequency.

  6. The realization of quick acquest under very low snr and big frequency shift is one of the key problems of lpi radar. we designed a new receiver which needs less computation spend without any decline of the performance of the radar

  7. In addition, this paper numerically investigated the influence of the lumped parameters of the gunn diode on the frequency of the oscillation, and the tuning techniques of the oscillation frequency of the active antenna

  8. Based on these theories, this paper discusses the method of design of the rectangular gunn integrated active microstrip patch antenna in detail. the size of the active antenna and the location of the device in the antenna is obtained at the specified operation frequency

  9. High frequency of bud induction was found on ms medium supplemented with 6 - ba the optimum medium for adventitious bud induction was ms + l. 0mg / 1 naa + 0. 5mg / l 6 - ba, and ms + 1. 5mg / l naa + 0. 5mg / l iaa for bud rooting

    門)誘導毛狀根體細胞胚再生植株。通過正交實驗篩選出了毛狀根體細胞胚誘導的最佳培養基為: ms 05mg lnaa 0 sing kt 30gil蔗糖。
  10. The ionosphere is a complex medium, which is aeolotropy, asymmetry, dispersive and changes randomly with time. in order to improve the communication quality of the shortwave that depends on the ionosphere, we should have aknowledge of the current condition of the ionosphere in real time. the backscatter sounding of high frequency can diagnose the real - time channel characters for shortwave communication or hf radar, which is great assistant to shortwave communication and hf radar

  11. The frequency response function includes an aerodynamic transfer function.

  12. Afc, automatic frequency control

  13. It also evaluates the performance of frequency difference estimation of afc

  14. Automatic frequency control afc

  15. Afc automatic frequency control

  16. The aftershock frequency decreases regularly with time.

  17. The agc technology in the radio frequency channel is also studied

    研究了射頻通道中的自動增益控制( agc )技術。
  18. Diagnosis of linea alba hernia with high frequency ultrasonography

  19. The frequency of albinism gene in the andrias davidianus population in the giant salamander hole in xingwen county, sichuan province

  20. A novel protein immobilization approach for piezoelectric immunosensors based on the sam of derivative aa has been proposed, which is formed by coupling merca ptoprorionic acid ( mpa ) to alginic acid sodium salt via edc and nhs. ( 1 ) the tr antibody is immobilized via edc and nhs. comparing with the mpa sam method, this new approach shows greater frequency response and high sensitivity

    應用edc和nhs使褐藻酸鈉與胱胺偶合形成衍生褐藻酸鈉作新的自組裝材料,用於蛋白固定,應用這一新方法, ( 1 )實現了轉鐵蛋白抗體分子的固定,並對轉鐵蛋白參考血清進行了測定,該方法可在0 . 08 25 . 7 g / ml范圍內對轉鐵蛋白進行測定。