from the time of loading 中文意思是什麼

from the time of loading 解釋
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  • the : 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • time : n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • loading : n. 1. 裝貨。2. 裝載量;重量;載荷;(船隻等的)貨載。 3. 填充物,填料。4. 額外人壽保險。
  1. Considering the similitude law for shaking table test, we study the test results and obtain some conclusions which are a ) generally, the silty soil in test box liquefies and the liquefied time has relation with the amplitude of acceleration, b ) when the intensity is on and above eight degree, the silty soil deposit will be liquefied dramatically, c ) the relationship of the pore water pressure is relevant to the cycle loading which represents when the cycle loading ranges from little to great, the relationship is represent as a concave curve, or else as a protruding curve and tends to stability. ( 3 ) based on the triaxial compression test and the resonant column test, some studies are made such as a ) the duncan - chang parameters of constitutive model, b ) the dynamic shear modulus ratio and c ) the damping ratio of the site soil deposits. in order to deal with the test data, a computer program is compiled

    ( 2 )利用小型振動臺進行了k _ 0固結狀態下粉土的振動液化模擬研究,通過分析正弦荷載作用下的試驗資料,驗證了粉土的孔隙水壓力增長模式的合理性;從微分方程推導了基於土體振動臺模型試驗的相似律,並從模型實體、孔壓時程曲線和相似律等方面做出了分析,得出了如下結論:在小型振動臺試驗中,模型箱中的粉土都發生了液化,液化的時刻和輸入加速度幅值有關,而對頻率的變化不太敏感;粉土在相當於8 9度地震烈度的加速度幅值作用下可能產生嚴重的液化;孔壓的增長曲線形狀與施加的荷載有關:當施加荷載為由小到大的形式時,曲線形狀為上凹的曲線;當施加荷載為等幅的正弦荷載或荷載幅值由大到小時,曲線形狀為上凸的曲線,且逐漸趨于穩定。
  2. For cfr terms : the sellers shall ship the gooks within the time stipulated in this contract by a direct vessel sailing from the port of loading to china porl transhipment en route is not allowed without the buyers consent

  3. 10for settlement of demurrage / dispatch claim at loading port, both parties would finalize the lay time calculation sheet within 7 working days from the date of completion of loading based on the actual nor and statement of facts duly signed by the master or vessel ' s agent at load port

  4. The loading shall be on basis of 8, 000 mt / day from the time the ship park the loading port

    裝貨裝率以8 , 000噸/天為準。裝貨時間從船舶靠港後起算。
  5. 1 the seller shall ship the goods within the time as stipulated in clause 8 of this contract by a direct vessel sailing from the port of loading to china port

  6. Test results show that : ( 1 ) the amount of creep deformation during monotonic primary loading depends on strain rate before creep, creep stress level, and creep time ; ( 2 ) during monotonic primary loading, the stiffness increasing magnificently shortly after creep ; ( 3 ) the direction of creep will change from positive creep ; to neutral creep and negative creep during unloading, while during reloading, it will change from negative, to neutral and positive creep

    試驗結果表明: ( 1 )在初始加載過程中,經過一定時間蠕變后黏土的強度有很大的提高; ( 2 )在卸載過程中,隨應力值下降黏土的蠕變表現出由正蠕變、中性蠕變到負蠕變的逐漸轉化; ( 3 )在重復加載過程中,隨應力值增加黏土的蠕變表現出由負蠕變、中性蠕變到正蠕變的逐漸轉化。
  7. For cfr terms : the sellers shall ship the goods within the time as stipulated in clause ( 9 ) of this contract by a direct vessel sailing from the port of loading to china port

    離岸加運費價條款:賣方應在本合同第( 9 )條規定之時間內,將貨物由裝船口岸直接船運到中國口岸,在未經徵得買方同意前,中途不得轉船。
  8. From chapter 4 to chapterl 1, a serial of comparable methods were adapted to analyze the obtained results in chapter 2 and chapter 3, in order to describe quantitatively the changing of engineering geological environmental factors with time and space that is induced by different wave loading action, including reaction of topo and morphologic features to hydraulic condition, reaction of grain size and mineral composition to it and reaction of static and dynamic mechanical index to it

  9. The results showed that quasi - isentropic compression energy waves were produced after the impact with mg - face of the flier - plate, whose initial velocity jump, peak velocity and front ' s rise - time were all different from the general shock loading wave profiles

  10. Analytical solution was obtained for one - dimensional large - strain and non - linear consolidation of single - layered soil under time - dependent loading on the basis of some simplifications. meanwhile, semi - analytical method was proposed for solving more complicated consolidation problem and corresponding computer code was developed for one - dimensional large - strain consolidation analyses, in which, complicated factors such as selfweight, non - linear and rheological properties of soft soils can be all taken into consideration. the correctness of the method and that of the code were verificated through comparing the results with those obtained from available analytical solutions

  11. The wind loading of a tracking radar antenna, for example, results from a mean velocity component that varies with time plus superimposed random gusts

  12. It indicts that, in the deep & thick soft ground improved by preloading or surcharge loading with sand drain partially penetrating, post - construction settlement mostly results from the dissipation of remained excess pore water pressure and the proportion of compress occurred in under - lying soft layer to total post - construction settlement is becoming larger with the time

  13. Based on the theoretical analyses and the results from tests, the changing law of secondary torque is similar with that of the torque of spandrel beams subjected to the vertical loading. it points out the fact that secondary torque is a compatibility torque. at the same time, it provides an applicable method, which conforms to the changing law of secondary torque

  14. The results show that in the later stage of the nucleation process, the maximum slip velocity is monotonically accelerating ; the slipping hot spot ( where the slip rate is maximum ) migrates spontaneously from a certain instant, and such migration is spatially continuous ; when the maximum velocity reaches a detectable order of magnitude ( at least one order of magnitude greater than the loading rate ), the remaining time is 20 hours or more, and the temporal variation of slip velocity beyond this point may be used as a precursory indicator ; the average slip velocity is related to the remaining time by a log - log linear relation, which means that a similar relation between rate of microseismicity and remaining time may also exist ; when normal stress variation is taken into account, time scale of such processes can be extended by about 2 times

    結果表明,在成核的後期階段:最大位移速率單調加速增加;滑動熱點(最大滑動速率處)在後期階段開始自發性遷移,且在空間上連續;當最大滑動速率達到可以明顯探測的量級時(高於載入速率一個數量級以上) ,倒計時間為20小時或更長一些,這時的速率變化可作為臨震預測標志;平均滑動速率與倒計時間的關系在臨震階段呈對數線性趨勢,由此可推測微震活動增長率與倒計時間同樣存在對數線性關系;正應力的變化對上述時間尺度有延長作用,使之大致增加到原數值的2倍。
  15. With the siemens plc s7 - 300 and the corresponding programming software step7, that helps in control software programming, the proportioning system meets the requirements of automatic proportioning, weighing, loading and weight compensating. the design work uses wincc, that is also a product from siemens, to configure the supervisory software, realizing the real - time data - logging, supervising and controlling, as well as various visual hmi with windows features such as real - time weighing, record checking, alarming, dynamic simulation

    該項目採用的是德國siemens公司的s7 - 300系列plc ,運用與之相配的step7編程軟體,通過stl和lad兩種編程語言編制了下位機的控製程序,從而使該槽下配料系統可以按要求自動完成配料、稱量、裝料全過程,並自動實現稱量補償。
  16. From the implementation, the software is composed of real - time task, network communication task, serial communication task, keyboard - lcd task and software loading task

  17. The responsibility of the carrier with respect to non - containerized goods covers the period during which the carrier is in charge of the goods, starting from the time of loading of the goods onto the ship until the time the goods are discharged therefrom

  18. Then, when it is time to start the jvm, instead of loading the system classes from scratch, the memory - mapped files are loaded