hackman 中文意思是什麼

hackman 解釋
n. 名詞 出租汽車司機;出租馬車的車夫。

  1. Artist name : hackman, gene

  2. Male artist hackman, gene

  3. Emily watson lounges and smokes in gosford park, gene hackman and gwyneth paltrow light up in the royal tenenbaums

  4. The first to have the honor of meeting supreme master ching hai was stella stevens, a famous actress known for her roles in the poseidon adventure with gene hackman, girls

  5. The world ' s oldest film festival prides itself on promoting cutting - edge and innovative movies but this stunning lagoon city also welcomes with open arms hollywood superstars like gene hackman and nicole kidman

  6. Director singer has built a larger, worldwide arena here : superman traverses the globe, not just the us, in his fight for " truth and justice " ( references to the " american way " are conspicuously absent ), and consequently spacey ' s eloquent lex luthor is a further - thinking and far crueller customer than gene hackman ' s

    導演辛格營造了一個更為碩大的全球性舞臺:超人為「真理和正義」而戰的足跡橫貫全球而並非僅僅局限於美國(明顯不再提及什麼「美國精神」了) ,由此,與吉恩?哈克曼的演繹相比,斯帕西飾演的擁有雄辯口才的萊克斯?盧瑟變成了一個更加老謀深算和兇狠的傢伙。