heel counter 中文意思是什麼

heel counter 解釋
  • heel : vt 【航海】使(船)傾斜。vi (船)傾側 (over)。 heel to port [starboard] 船向左[右]舷傾斜。n (...
  • counter : n 1 計算者;計算器;計數器。2 籌碼,號碼;偽幣;劣幣;〈蔑稱〉錢;棋子;湊數的人,玩具似的人。3 ...
  1. The crampon can also be used for counter balance or by hooking with the heel behind icicles or in holes in the ice

  2. When used for counter balance, the foot only pushes against the ice with the side of the crampons ; when hooking, a better hook is possible when using heel points ( spurs ) ( fig. 84 )

    當用到反平衡的時候,腳只是用冰爪同一側抵著冰面,當用鉤的動作的時候,腳後跟上的點是很好的鉤點(刺激) (圖84 ) 。
  3. Extended heel counter construction provides enhanced akle support

  4. Solid support and good cushioning inside the shoe. firm, resistant heel counter outside the shoe