huff 中文意思是什麼

huff 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 1. 吹脹,提高…的價格。
2. 嚇唬。
3. 激怒。
huffsb. into silence 嚇得某人不敢講話。
huff sb. out of the room 把某人嚇出屋外。
huff sb. to pieces 拚命欺負某人。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 吹氣,噴氣。
2. 激怒。
3. 嚇唬。
n. 名詞 發怒。
in a huff 怒沖沖地。
get into a huff 發怒。

  1. A pigeon probably has his huff duff in that incrustation above his beak.

  2. He left the room in a huff.

  3. In a huff, jerusha threw the letter in the mailbox

  4. Recommended practices for liquid co2 huff and puff

  5. She took the huff and went to come other store

  6. That s good enough for little rubbishy common things - specially with gals, cuz they go back on you anyway, and blab if they get in a huff - but there orter be writing bout a big thing like this

    她們前面發誓,後面就忘得一干二凈,一氣之下就把你給賣了。像我們今天這樣的大事情,光口頭發誓還不算,要寫下來,喋血為盟。 」
  7. Bio - huff and puff - nutrient flooding

  8. Combined technique of chemicals huff and puff with water - shutoff in oil well

  9. Those people can huff and puff but they are powerless the way things are

  10. They can huff and puff but they are powerless to alter the way things are

  11. The dynamic characteristic of producing wells during the huff and puff in the xinzhuang field, henan, china

  12. Application of the technology of the dry gas injection huff and puff on single well in kekeya gas condensate field

  13. Fauchery jestingly inquired whether the minister was not coming, too, but nana answered in a huff that the minister went to the houses of people she didn t care a pin for

  14. My sister walked off in a huff

  15. This paper illustrated the mechanism of microbial huff and puff and microbial flooding and introduces the pilot test effect and economic benefit of the application of microbial recovery in chaoyanggou oil field, providing experience and evidence for the the application of microbial recovery technique in low permeable oil fields

  16. Effected by many factors during huff and puff, the reservoir of edge water invasion and complex small fault block, the producing wells which are located in the neighborhood of the fault trace and oil - water contact, are quite difficult for development

  17. The machine are made up of plastic extruder, cooler flume, huff - dry machine, granules - making device and shaking sieve. its total length is 12 meters. they make granules for pvc, pe, pc, pet and other engineering

    本機組由塑料擠出機冷卻水槽吹乾機切粒機振動篩五個單元組成,總長約12米,適用於pvc pe pc pet等及其他工程塑料造粒。
  18. Based on the effect of temperature on fractional flow equation, the transformation law of water cut during huff and puff production is summarized and afterward verified by digital simulation of the actual reservoir model

  19. He went off in a huff just because we failed to nominate him as club president

  20. She asked me what i thought of her new skirt, and when i told her she stalked off in a huff