ian 中文意思是什麼

ian 解釋
n. 名詞 伊恩〈男子名, John 的異體〉。

  1. The likes of ian rush, john barnes and john aldridge were the guys i always looked up to

  2. Stephen george. multi - level governance and the european union [ a ]. ian bache and matthew flinders eds., multi - level governance [ c ]. oxford : oxford university press, 2004

    關于治理和全球治理的內容和特點,請參見俞可平主編: 《治理與善治》 ,社會科學文獻出版社2000年版
  3. Mrs. beaumont : are you a le ian

  4. Jason cundy ( sold for ? 800, 000 ), frank sinclair ( won fa cup, scored in winning league cup, missed cup winners ' cup final through injury but got medal, played in world cup, sold for ? 2m ) ; andy myers ( won fa cup and cup winners ' cup as non - playing substitute, sold for ? 800, 000 ), craig burley ( played in 1994 fa cup final, captained scotland, played in world cup, sold for ? 2. 5m ) and ian pearce ( sold to blackurn for ? 300, 000, won the championship )

    傑森-康迪(以80萬英鎊轉會) ,弗蘭克-辛克萊爾(曾獲得足總杯,在奪取聯賽杯當年進球,因傷錯過優勝者杯決賽但獲獎牌,參加了世界盃,以200萬英鎊轉會) ;安迪-麥耶斯(曾以未出場替補獲足總杯和優勝者杯,以80萬英鎊轉會) ,克萊格-伯利(曾在1994年足總杯決賽出場,以蘇格蘭國家隊隊長參加了世界盃,以250萬英鎊轉會)和伊安-皮爾斯(以30萬英鎊轉會布萊克本,奪取聯賽冠軍) 。
  5. We first present a number of desiderata for an xml - based query language, and based on this criterion, we introduce the syntax of a simple core ian - guage for semistructured data and then describe four extensions that have resulted in working prototypes. second, we present the algorithm for computing the result of a regular expression on data graph with cycles, the first - order interpretation of querying language for semistructured data, and explore structural recursion and bisimulation in semistructured data and propose an efficient and systematic way to computing a bisimulation between the two graphs. we also proposed and implemented a web querying system with database features

    基於這些準則,對一個簡單的半結構數據查詢核心語言的語法提出了兩方面擴充;給出了計算數據圖中正規表達式的演算法;對半結構數據查詢語言的一階邏輯描述、結構遞歸和數據圖的雙態模擬( bisimulation )等問題進行了研究,提出了一種判定數據圖的bisimulation演算法;在xml數據查詢語言研究的基礎上,設計並實現了一種具有數據庫查詢特性的web查詢系統原型。
  6. Macao ian veng human resources employment agency

  7. On one occasion margaret invited them down because she thought ian was tired and in need of an early night.

  8. Karen : ian, look ! you forgot to plug it in

  9. Ian glanced at his watch and left the room

  10. Ian : yes, my boss did. he was pretty mad

  11. Tom catches up. now he is even with ian

  12. - ian ! put that gun down ! - myplane will fly

    -伊恩!把槍放下! -我的飛機會飛起來的!
  13. Ian ( has ) left england and made his home in china

  14. Ian pearson highlighted this when he said

  15. Angelo : hey ian, we ' re gonna kill ya ! opah

  16. She also co - hosted an entire season of " friday nights all wright " on itv with ian wright, as well as london s morning show, " the big breakfast.

    而最令她開心的是英國itv特別為她度身訂做了個旅遊節目,更命名為caprice travels 。
  17. Tai kor ian thailand food

  18. Expression of estrogen receptor mrna in epithelial ovar ian carcinoma

  19. During the final round of the 2001 open championship, after hitting a superb tee shot at the first hole to within inches of the hole, ian woosnam discovered that he had a 15

  20. By ian murray passive smoking linked to strokes tuesday august 17, 1999