icor 中文意思是什麼

icor 解釋
  1. The economic index of icor is also measured and applied to explore the chinese economic background. on the basis of mentioned analysis, the last chapter concluded “ wenzhou model ” and its government - oriented trend of heavy - industrialization at first. then the net loss of capital efficiency has been founded by the measurement of local icor

    第三章探討了中國經濟「重化工化」的經濟現實及造成的效率和福利損失,並對改革開放以來中國經濟增長的資本效率進行了以邊際資本產出率( icor )為主要指標的經驗數據檢驗。
  2. Another measure of the efficiency of investment is the incremental capital - output ratio ( icor ) : the investment needed to generate an additional unit of output, measured as annual investment divided by the annual increase in gdp

  3. Based on net investment, ms liang calculates that the icor has averaged a more modest 3. 1 in recent years, lower than in many other economies

    以凈投資為基礎,梁女士計算出在最近幾年投資產出增量比平均為3 . 1 ,這個水平更為準確,也比許多其他的國家要低。