implied address 中文意思是什麼

implied address 解釋
  • implied : adj. 含蓄的,隱含的,不言而喻的,言外的 (opp. expressed)。 an implied consent 默許。adv. -ly
  • address : n 1 (信上的)稱呼,姓名;地址。2 致辭;寒喧;演說;正式請願。3 談吐,風度。4 〈pl 〉 求愛,獻殷...
  1. The central bankers are not sure what to do next. “ further policy firming may yet be needed to address inflation risks, ” they said, but they added that “ the extent and timing of any such firming will depend importantly on the evolution of the economic outlook as implied by incoming information

    央行的傢伙們並不確定下一步應該作什麼,他們說: 「進一步確定的政策也許應該關注于通脹的風險」 ,但是同時又說: 「政策的時機和力度要根據更多的信息所提供的經濟運行的表現來確定」 。