integer quantity 中文意思是什麼

integer quantity 解釋
  • integer : n. 1. 【數學】整數 (opp. fraction)。2. 完整的東西,整體。
  • quantity : n 1 量 (opp quality); 分量,數量;額;【物理學】值,參量。2 〈pl 〉大量,大宗,大批,許多。3 定...
  1. In order to minimize total ordering and holding costs, a simple solution model using mixed integer programming techniques is presented to determine the optimal solution of the number of orders and timing of replenishment points, and quantity to be ordered at each replenishment

    此外,為達到極小化總訂購成本及總持有成本,本模型?用混合整?規劃技巧提供一個簡單求解方法,可同時求得最佳訂購次? 、訂購點及每次訂購? ? 。
  2. The quantity n is an integer, not a continuous variable.

  3. You can use data typing to control tag content - for example, the quantity field in a purchase order is a non - negative integer because the customer can t order less than a whole unit of the product

    可以使用數據類型化控制標記的內容,比如,訂單中的數量欄位是一個非負整數(因為客戶不能訂購產品的某一部分) 。
  4. Quantity, with a simple type value of integer