intensive properties 中文意思是什麼

intensive properties 解釋
  • intensive : adj 1 加強的;集中的;深入細致的,徹底的。2 【語言學】加強詞義的。3 【農業】精耕細作的,集約的。4...
  • properties : (特性)命令修改特性
  1. Agricultural intensification plays an important role in stabilizing the food production in china, while bringing about an increasing negative impact on the soil and eco - environment as a result of the long - term highly - intensive land use and agricultural chemical overuse, thus leading to degradation of soil physical, chemical and biological properties, which are demonstrated as soil nutrient imbalance, soil acidification, pollutant accumulation, and biodiversity deterioration and posing serious stress and threat to the ecosystem per se and the environment

  2. The ferroelectromagnets, in which ferroelectric ordering and magnetic spin ordering coexist spontaneously at low temperature, have been the object of intensive theoretical and experimental studies from the 60 - 70 ' s last century for its connection with the finding out this kind of material and theirs some special properties of physics own to magnetoelectric coupling

    鐵電磁系統是指在某一溫度范圍內,同時具有鐵電有序和鐵磁有序的體系。自上世紀60 - 70年代以來,由於這類材料的不斷發現以及兩種有序共存耦合導致某些特有的物理性質,而使之備受人們的關注。