jackaroo 中文意思是什麼

jackaroo 解釋
n. 名詞 〈澳俚〉(牧場的)新牧童。

  1. How jackaroo how to write, include time, place, working content, impressional result and experience are waited a moment ! zhu shunli

  2. Can jackaroo to accountant thing place, not pay is possible also, can raise your accountant objective level very quickly so, apply for a job in the future very convenient

  3. When i was a jackaroo and collected japanese dao many years ago, and i also collect common ming and qing dynasty dao jian. from 2006, i fix on collecting hing ancient weapon ( spend a few money but research a lot ), then i will go on

    幾年前入門的時候以日本刀開始,這兩年兼及普通明清刀劍.從06年起,我的收藏方向確定為高古鐵兵了(花錢不多但研究空間大) ,以後我要沿著這條路走