james town 中文意思是什麼

james town 解釋
  • james : n. 1. 詹姆斯〈姓氏,男子名〉。2. (《聖經》中的)《雅各書》。
  • town : n 1 鎮,市鎮,城鎮〈狹義:大於 village (村)而非 city(市)的地方。廣義:和 country (鄉村)相對...
  1. Wyatt takes on the job of town marshal, making his brothers deputies, and vows to stay in tombstone until james killers are found

  2. She additionally starred in " ricochet river " lensed 1997, a drama set in a pacific northwest logging town, co - starring jason james richter

  3. Based on the macro - background of chinese agricultural business system transition, this thesis applies james ? s. coleman ' s " theory of rational action " to research practically the classic town in city - hongshan town wuhan city. questionnaire investigation, case interview, on - the - spot observation and examples analysis methods are used to explore systematically agribusiness organizational mechanism ( aom ) of rural community, search for the innovation of aom and recreate the agricultural socialized service system

    本文立足於中國農業經營制度轉型這一宏觀背景,運用科爾曼的「理性行動理論」 ,通過對武漢市洪山鄉這樣一個典型的「城中之鄉」的實地調查,運用問卷調查、個案訪談、實地觀察、案例分析等多種方法對農村社區的農業產業化經營組織機制進行系統考察,以尋求農業產業化經營組織機制的創新,再造農業社會化服務體系。
  4. In the small town of troy, located near some of the last remaining wilderness in the continental united states, a man called james a. peden has developed products like vegecat and vegedog and set up a headquarters that changes the way people feed their pets

    鎮上有一個人名字叫做詹姆仕培登james a . peden ,他已經開發了一些產品,如貓用素食vegecat和狗用素食vegedog ,並且成立了一個總部,試圖改變人們飼養寵物的方式。
  5. Steve francis and mike james are returning to town

  6. James : now i understand. the real reason i came to this town

  7. Since britney split from k - fed, paris has been ‘ squiring ‘ brit around town. that means she ‘ s been spending lots of time with little sean preston and even littler jayden james