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  1. In the sections that follow, we will explore three jms solutions for the java platform : the simple jms client, session beans combined with jms, and message - driven beans

    在後面的一些小節中,我們將研究一下用於java平臺的三種jms解決方案:簡單jms客戶機,結合jms使用的會話bean ,以及消息驅動bean 。
  2. This file is a self - contained package containing examples and the redback java beans

    該文件是一個自成體系的包,它包含一些示例和redback java beans 。
  3. Heavyweight architectures, such as enterprise java beans can be overkill for everyday problems

    重量級架構,比如企業級java bean對于解決日常問題來說過于復雜。
  4. What will happen to your application code when you need to phase out entity beans and start using java data objects, or incorporate a new version of the ejb specification

    當您需要逐漸停止使用實體bean ,而開始使用java數據對象( java data object ) ,或合併ejb規范的一個新版本時,您的應用程序代碼會怎樣呢?
  5. For the model, struts can interact with any standard data access technology, including enterprise java beans, and jdbc

    Struts整合ejb , jdbc等數據訪問技術構造模型組件,整合jsp , xslt等界面表示技術構造視圖組件。
  6. It s also necessary to make small modifications to this file to ensure appropriate java naming and directory interface jndi names are present for your enterprise beans

    還必須對該文件進行小修改,以確保對于您的企業bean存在相應的java命名和目錄介面( java naming and directory interface , jndi )名稱。
  7. Import the java beans and additional resources required

    導入java bean和所需的其它資源。
  8. More commonly, results are returned as a collection of java beans

    更常見的是,結果以java bean集返回。
  9. By analyzing some component - based architectures, which including opendoc, ole / com and java beans, we establish an open distributed domain - specific software architecture - oddsa. oddsa defines a new style of building applications, based on the established technologies such as oop, software component and novel concepts like cooperation, delegation and so on

    在分析比較opendoc 、 ole / com和javabeans這幾種基於構件的體系結構的基礎上,提出了開放性分散式領域軟體體系結構oddsa ( opendistributeddomain - specificsoftwarearchitecture ) 。
  10. You can use services that include imported components, such as java beans or web services, along with service components that websphere process server provides

    您可以使用包括導入組件的服務,如java bean或web服務,也可以使用websphere process server提供的服務組件。