kaleidoscopic 中文意思是什麼

kaleidoscopic 解釋
adj. 形容詞 萬花筒(一樣)的,千變萬化的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ically
  1. Its serial, kaleidoscopic exposures force us to follow its lead

  2. Its serial , kaleidoscopic exposures force us to follow its lead

  3. Different experiences, dissimilar inspirations, accumulate to millions of kaleidoscopic lives

  4. Different experiences, dissimilar inspirations ; accumulate to millions of kaleidoscopic lives

  5. Give us the right to be young. a kaleidoscopic painting we will bring in the youth

  6. Turning, you find yourself in a dazzling marine metropolis, a kaleidoscopic realm of tiny life forms living below the surface in peaceful partnerships

  7. Multimedia academic wonderland is the most comprehensive academic universe online especially dedicated to higher education, with myriads of kaleidoscopic and phantasmagoric scopes and specialties

  8. The former is a novel depicting, from a feminist perspective, how career affects a person s fate ; the latter, a commentary explores the social issues of this kaleidoscopic society and how people response to those problems

  9. In the several thousands of works completed hitherto, he is good at blending advanced technology into the kaleidoscopic designs to improve life quality and strives for creating special effect and atmosphere by using new materials

  10. Intimate confessions of a chinese courtesan 1972, knightly romance in the lucrative gu long adaptations - a truly kaleidoscopic oeuvre embracing virtually many genres. adding to the director s recollection of his days from kong ngee to shaws are reviews and his complete filmography

  11. The classification of the textile printing materials and the 3 tendencies of the development of the materials for garments in china ( cut pieces ) are described : the bright and dazzling materials, the kaleidoscopic and iridescent ones, health - caring functional ones for practical uses

  12. But owing to the constant presence of air currents, arranging both the dust and vapour in strata of varying extent and density, and of high or low clouds which both absorb and reflect the light in varying degrees, we see produced all those wondrous combinations of tints and those gorgeous ever - changing colours which are a constant source of admiration and delight to all who have the advantage of an uninterrupted view to the west and who are accustomed to watch for those not infrequent exhibitions of nature ' s kaleidoscopic colour painting