kwic 中文意思是什麼

kwic 解釋
KWIC = key word in context 【計算機】上下文關鍵字,前後文關鍵字。

  1. In addition the aws ( american welding society ) and the kwic ( korea welding industry cooperative ) also support this event

  2. By transforming architecture elements ( component and connector ), we can get the process view of architecture. in the end we use the method to analyze the two cases in kwic system and compare the results of architecture performance analysis

  3. Our gratitude goes not only to dvs and cmes but also to the other partners : the chinese welding association ( cwa ), the electric welding machine committee of ceeia, the american welding society ( aws ), the japan welding engineering society ( jwes ), the korea welding industry cooperative ( kwic ) and the china machinery industry federation