lack of evidence 中文意思是什麼

lack of evidence 解釋
缺乏證據, 證據不足
  • lack : vi 缺乏,不夠,不足〈主要用現在分詞形式 lacking〉。 Money is lacking 錢不夠。 Nothing is lacking ...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • evidence : n. 1. 根據,證據。2. 形跡,跡象,痕跡。3. 【法律】證據,證人;證詞。4. 明白,明顯,顯著。vt. 1. 證明。2. 顯示。
  1. Lack of evidence resulted in their acquittal

  2. However, most of the existing research adopted the normative method as methodology. because of the lack of empirical evidence, the convictive power of most research is not strong enough

  3. Part iiilegal issues upon the reform of toll and tax in countryside this part is concentrated to show six problems that the reform of toll and tax in countryside is to be up against and is to be peremptorily settled as following : the first one, in the confirming of agricultural tax, it is very difficult to protect the farmer ' s rights fairly because of unscientific of the evidence at assessment, highly of tax rate, and the absence of law and statute correlatively ; the second one, on the tax levying, there lack of legal systems that is to supervise and run, especially lack of law and statute which lead to collect agricultural special tax canonically ; the third one, the reform of toll and tax in countryside extrudes unbalance burden among farmers and countries, and lead to unevenly between subject of tax payment, which breaches the legal rule of balanceable tax ; the fourth one, the reform of toll and tax in countryside faces the danger that farmers " burden tends to rebound because of weakly carry through legal rule on tax statutory and absent of law and statute correlatively ; the fifth one, the reform of toll and tax in countryside affects the finance and revenue - expenditure auditing of the grass roots and father affects the grass roots to raise fee upon public construction and education, as a result, there ' s more charge that is out of law, the monocracy of grass roots " finance ought to be carry out ; the sixth one, legal measures connect with the reform of toll and tax in countryside in dire need of to be built, which mainly conclude legal system that adjust country social security, country compulsory education and country debt

    第三部分? ?農村稅費改革的法律課題集中展示了農村稅費改革所面臨且亟待解決的六大法律問題。即:其一,在確定農業稅上,計稅依據不科學、稅率偏高、相關法律規范缺失,無法平等保護農民的合法權益;其二,在農村稅收的徵收上,缺乏行之有效的法律監督和運行機制,尤其是農業特產稅的徵收缺乏保障據實徵收的法律規范;其三,稅費改革凸顯農民之間、農村之間的負擔不均,使納稅主體的權利義務失衡,有悖稅負均衡的法律原則;其四,由於稅收法定主義沒有得到有效貫徹,規制農民負擔反彈方面的法律法規缺位,致使農村稅費改革潛伏著農民負擔反彈的風險;其五,稅費改革影響基層組織的財政收支,進而影響鄉村公益事業建設及教育經費的籌措,引發稅外亂收費沉渣泛起,基層財政體製法治化勢在必行;其六,與稅費改革相關的配套法律措施巫待構建,主要是農村社會保障法律體系、鄉村義務教育和鄉村債務疏導的法律支撐魚待構建與完善。第四部分一一農村稅費改革與相關法律制度的構建基於上一部分提出的法律問題,力圖構築農村稅費改革的法律框架並提出相應對策。
  4. This part makes an analysis of the legislation of evidence collecting system, questions the enactment of parties " applying for the court to investigate and collect evidence for objective causes and then dissects the state when parties will find it hard to collect adequate evidence for lack of procedural safeguards of collecting evidence and its consequent on abuses in the judicial practice

  5. The judge dismissed the case for lack of evidence

  6. The case was dropped for lack of evidence

  7. The finding adds to a growing body of evidence that a lack of vitamin d in our diets may mean people are not getting the full benefits of the nutrient

  8. . . released on lack of evidence again

    . . .又一次因為證據不足而被釋放
  9. Perhaps even more troubling was the initial lack of compelling evidence for fullerenes in meteorites

  10. It is suggested that identification of specific genes for body mass index in chinese, at least within the same data set, is a serious challenge because of lack of evidence of a major gene for body mass index in our chinese sample

  11. Additionally, the lack of consistency in results, dose - response relationship, and evidence from laboratory studies further limits the causal inference

  12. Though a few scholars touch upon administrative penalty evidence, there is lack of comprehensive, systemic research

  13. Research evidence shows that difficulties in reading vary from person to person. problems may either result from lack of declarative knowledge or procedural knowledge. so long as they are diagnosed and solved, effective reading can be expected

  14. But whether wang opens the game with three straight groundouts ( clear evidence the sinkerball is doing its job by forcing batters to top the ball ) or whether he walks the bases loaded and escapes with a double - play ground ball ( which he ' s done often enough his teammates don ' t worry about a lack of control ), the rest of the yankees are universal in their comfort and confidence behind the 27 - year - old right - hander

  15. Perhaps surprisingly, with the exception of residential satisfaction, there is a lack of evidence suggesting the results differ between public or private housing or between new towns and older urban housings. elders living in new towns are more satisfied than their old urban areas figure 1

  16. Three of his co - defendants were convicted of murder and torture and sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. a fourth defendant was acquitted for lack of evidence

  17. The accused got off / escaped scot - free because of lack of evidence

  18. Was dismissed because there was lack of evidence

  19. Released on lack of evidence again

  20. Due to a lack of evidence.