left court 中文意思是什麼

left court 解釋
  • left : left1leave 的過去式及過去分詞。 left on base 【棒球】(攻守換班時)留在壘上。adj 1 左的,左邊的,...
  • court : n 1 法院,法庭;法官。2 宮廷,朝廷;朝臣;朝見,謁見;御前會議;(公司等的)委員會;董事會;委員...
  1. Arranged successively in ascending powers of hierarchical order, that of gardener, groundsman, cultivator, breeder, and at the zenith of his career, resident magistrate or justice of the peace with a family crest and coat of arms and appropriate classical motto semper paratus, duly recorded in the court directory bloom, leopold p., m. p., p. c., k. p., l. l. d. honoris cause, bloomville, dundrum and mentioned in court and fashionable intelligence mr and mrs leopold bloom have left kingstown for england

    按照越往上權利越大的等級制度順序,他曾經是園丁莊稼人耕作者牲畜繁殖家仕途的高峰是地方長官或治安推事。他擁有家徽和盾形紋章以及與之相稱的拉丁文家訓時刻準備著,他的名字正式記載于宮廷人名錄252中布盧姆,利奧波德保,下院議員,樞密顧問官,聖巴特里克勛級爵士253 ,名譽法學博士。
  2. An elderly female, no more young, left the building of the courts of chancery, king s bench, exchequer and common pleas, having heard in the lord chancellor s court the case in lunacy of potterton, in the admiralty division the summons, exparte motion, of the owners of the lady cairns versus the owners of the barque mona, in the court of appeal reservation of judgment in the case of harvey versus the ocean accident and guarantee corporation

  3. When you come riding shinto rock basilica, will feel the immediate reforms, black streams at the foot of remote contingency, left alone in front of miles - rock blast surrounding rock, right in front of the soaring rock - wing chui days, the public is the front - tianzhufeng arch supporters, was full of castle peak, fog enveloped, lin qiong court palace, dan greenfield wall tile, people instantly durian for cents feeling

  4. We left john canty dragging the rightful prince into offal court, with a noisy and delighted mob at his heels.

  5. We left john canty dragging the rightful prince into offal court, with a noisy and delighted mob at his heels

  6. To return to court leys seemed the only course left to her.

  7. He said he would appear in court only if all foreign troops left the country and 600 mutineers were reinstated into the army

  8. At that hour of the night the narrow, damp well of a court, with its pestiferous water closets, its fountain, its back view ot the kitchen stove and the collection of plants with which the portress used to litter the place, was drenched in dark mist ; but the two walls, rising pierced with windows on either hand, were flaming with light, since the property room and the firemen s office were situated on the ground floor, with the managerial bureau on the left, and on the right and upstairs the dressing rooms of the company

  9. Left service court

  10. The magistrate sits behind a raised bench and the witness box is usually to one side ( left or right ), near the front of the court

  11. Top tennis players of the world take a break from the tennis court to enjoy a tour of the world - famous victoria harbour on duk ling, the traditional chinese junk, at the invitation of the hong kong tourism board hktb. seen in picture are from left to right back row max mirnyi, roger federer, venus williams, middle row maria sharapova, juan carlos ferrero, chanda rubin front row martina navratilova and martin verkerk

  12. Court decisions and the discharge of some of these orders in favour of the victims ( hk $ 38 millions ) or for other reasons has left a total of hk $ 96 millions still under restraint. confiscation orders in respect of hk $ 10. 3 millions in cash and other assets have been made of which hk $ 1. 23 millions have so far been received by government

  13. His unique way of dealing with this court case left deep impression on me

  14. His unique worry of dealing with this court case left deep impression on me

  15. In the games schedule indicates the team listed first wears light color, and sits on the left side of the score table ( facing the court ) and dark color team sits on the right of the scoring table

    賽程表中,隊名居前者穿淺色球衣(最好是白色) ,坐記錄臺左側;隊名居後者穿深色球衣,坐記錄臺右側。
  16. In court today the two men charged in the connecticut home invasion that left a mother and her two daughters dead

  17. When pisanio had provided her with her new apparel, he left her to uncertain fortune, being obliged to return to court.

  18. The central path was reserved for divine gods, the path on the left was reserved for the emperor and the path on the right was used by court officials

    由於是升天之路,所以又叫「神道」 。神道兩側左為「御道」 ,右為「王道」 。天帝神靈走神道,皇帝走御道,王公大臣走王道。
  19. Then, pinggu court famous prison five years, taking into account he had left paralysis and disease, he decided to future, whenever improper decisions

  20. This has left the once - worldly princess - who speaks perfect english, participated in trade negotiations in her foreign ministry career and is the daughter of a judge on the international court of justice in the hague - more or less a prisoner to her womb