loss register 中文意思是什麼

loss register 解釋
  • loss : n. 1. 喪失;丟失,遺失。2. 減損,損失,虧損(額);損耗;減少,下降。3. 失敗;輸掉。4. 錯過;浪費。5. 損毀;【軍事】傷亡;〈pl. 〉 傷亡及被俘人數。
  • register : n 1 記錄,注冊,登記,掛號。2 (人口動態,戶籍等的)登記簿,注冊簿;【商業】船籍登記簿;海關證明...
  1. According to insurance law and fair judicatory regulation, insurance company is allocating in those days when profit after tax, the 10 that ought to collect profit include the legal accumulation fund of the company ; when forehead of accumulative total of legal accumulation fund achieves a company to register the 50 above of capital, need not extract again ; legal accumulation fund can ' t offset loss of on the company one year, before drawing legal accumulation fund, ought to use first offset loss when annual interest embellish ; after insurance company draws legal accumulation fund from inside profit after tax, via resolution of shareholder plenary meeting, can draw aleatoric accumulation fund, shareholder plenary meeting or deregulation of board of directors, deficit and extraction law are made up for to decide what profit distributes to partner before accumulation fund in the company, must return deregulation distributive profit the company ; the accumulation fund of the company ought to be used at offsetting the loss of the company, the production that enlarges a company is managed or turn the capital to add a company

  2. According to godson - 2 issue queue analysis, we modify the conventional issue queue ’ s structure for low power without loss of performance, thus reduced area and power. 4. low power techniques for accessing register - file are proposed

  3. You agree that we shall not be liable to you for loss or damages that may result from our refusal to register, the deletion your domain name. 25. governing law

    在任何情況下,任何決議中議定訴訟為惡意(見本條例的章節15 ( e ) )的部分應該公布。