lower bacteria 中文意思是什麼

lower bacteria 解釋
  • lower : adj 〈low 的比較級〉1 較低的。2 下級的,低級的。 lower animals 下等動物。3 南部的。 in lower Manh...
  • bacteria : n. pl. (sing. Bacterium )1. 細菌。2. 〈美俚〉拳擊迷。
  1. Sulfid also can be regarded as a marker of the action of sulfur bacteria. 8 ) based on research results, author postulated that early generation of hydrocarbons is closely related to the action of sulfur bacteria. many kind of algae such as dinoflagellates, diatom, prynesiophytes etc have rich biological lipids which has lower polymerization

    6 、從未熟一低熟源巖生烴組分及其演化、可溶有機質轉化生烴等方面,探討了未熟一低熟油的形成機制,提出本區未熟一低熟油氣的形成是低活化能的富氫腐泥組分受到硫細菌早期低溫降解作用的結果。
  2. Pathogenic analysis of bacteria isolated from hospitalized children with acute lower respiratory tract infection

  3. The experiment measured the amount of coliform and the total bacteria, educe a conclusion as follow : using several method such as ozone and nisin, to keep the chicken fresh, can keep the effect of sterilization in lower sterilizing temperature

  4. We cultured photosynthesis bacteria ( psb ), using trfe mixed substances as an additive of culture medium. through the analysis of residue of the mixed substances in the culture media and od660nm of cell concentration, it revealed that cell concentration became higher, and residue content of the mixed substances was lower in a week

    對細胞濃度( od _ ( 660nm )值)和氣態混合物的殘留成分測定,結果表明添加了氣態混合物的光合細菌濃度明顯高於未添加的,而且培養基中的氣態混合物經培養一周后明顯減少。
  5. Low feed use and growth slowness are common today during fish and shrimp typically die of a variety of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and mildews, which results in a lower production

  6. Brushing the tongue or using a commercial tongue scraper, especially over the bumpiest region of the tongue, may help remove the odor - causing agents as well as lower the overall bacteria count in the mouth

  7. In this process, the bacteria metabolism become lower and lower, that is important for cgc form

  8. Teas, particularly chinese green teas, contain tea polyphenols that have been shown in experiments to lower blood cholesterol level, reduce clogging of the arteries, prevent obesity, suppress ulcer causing bacteria infection in the stomach, delay the onset of bone disorders, and protect against bladder cancer formation

  9. Habicht ' s team calculated that their sulfate - starved bacteria would perform their daily chores, such as decomposing the remains of other organisms, much more slowly ? at rates 30 to 90 percent lower than those fed a modern serving of sulfate

    根據哈比希特團隊的計算,在缺乏硫酸鹽的狀態下,嗜硫細菌的日常機能(如分解其他生物屍體的速率) ,比現代正常狀態下的嗜硫細菌慢上30 ~ 90 % 。