m 中文意思是什麼

m 解釋
(pl. M's, m's)1. 英語字母表第十三字母。
2. M 形狀的東西;【印刷】= em. 3. M (羅馬數字) 1000. MCML = 1950.
  1. Description : evergreen trees, up to 25 m high ; twigs, buds, petioles, abaxial surfaces of leaves and peduncles covered with yellowish brown rigid hairs

  2. Pull over. give yourself up. - i ' m being abducted

    停靠路邊,停車! -我被綁架了
  3. Mr. abbott ? i ' m sorry. i have an appointment,

  4. Yeah, i ' m here to see mr. abbott. twenty minutes

  5. Now i ' m free to do another interview with abbott larkin

    這下我可以去做另一個阿爾伯特& # 8226 ;拉金的專訪了。
  6. "yours, sir, i'm sure, " replied mr. abel mildly.

  7. I 'm sorry i have not been able to reply sooner.

  8. I'm talking about the fact that you have been servicing the military academy.

  9. General m. set and filled j. set and accelerative escape time algorithm

  10. In autumn, accipiter m ' sus and a. virgatus arrive at the same section almost at the same time

  11. I'm not accustomed to having my word doubted, dr. audlin.

  12. I ' m not even sure it was the acheron we sighted

  13. I ' m just figuring out his weakness. everybody has an achilles heel

  14. Acid rain ! acid rain ! i ' m blind. it ' s too late for me

  15. The queen s hotel, ennis, county, glare, where rudolph bloom rudolf virag died on the evening of the 27 june 1886, at some hour unstated, in consequence of an overdose of monkshood aconite selfadministered in the form of a neuralgic liniment, composed of 2 parts of aconite liniment to 1 of chloroform liniment purchased by him at 10. 20 a. m. on the morning of 27 june 1886 at the medical hall of francis dennehy, 17 church street, ennis after having, though not in consequence of having, purchased at 3. 15 p. m. on the afternoon of 27 june 1886 a new boater straw hat, extra smart after having, though not in consequence of having, purchased at the hour and in the place aforesaid, the toxin aforesaid, at the general drapery store of james cullen, 4 main street, ennis

  16. For this purpos, from the point of the log geology, aimed at the actuality of the current fractured reservoir log geology interpretation and evaluation, based on synthetical analysis of the current domestic and foreign fruit of fractal dimension investigation of reservoir fracture, using the method and technique of fractal dimension, through the further discussion of the fractal dimension characteristics of m index and n index in the log interpretation archie model in a sample way and through the theoretic reasoning to the fractal dimension dfa and m index of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, according to the geophysical signification of the fractal dimension dfa of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve shape : the more complicated the change of the curve shape is, the larger the its dfa value is, then the more complicated space structure of fracture and pore, then the higher value of m index of space structure of fracture and pore, and so on, the text propounds an improved method, based on box dimension, of covering log curve with scale grid, and by programming computes the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, then further puts this technique into application investigation, and makes analysis of application effects in the reservoirs located in l area of qx oil field from three aspects : 1. the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, which are derived from computing, is used to identify reservoir type by crossplotting m index with the product df _ acrt of fractal dimension of acoustical wave log curve and restivity log curve and by experiential discriminance plate of reservoir type in l area of qx oil field

    因此,對該區裂縫性儲集層的類型識別、孔滲特徵的測井地質解釋以及儲層裂縫的發育和分佈規律進行深入的研究便成為本文研究的出發點。為此,本文從測井地質的角度,針對當前裂縫性儲層測井地質解釋與評價的現狀,在綜合分析當前國內外儲層裂縫的分形分維研究成果的基礎上,利用分形分維方法和技術,通過對archie測井解釋模型中的m指數、 n指數的分形分維特性的深入淺出的論述以及裂縫性儲層段測井曲線分維d _ ( fa )與m指數的理論推導,根據裂縫性儲層測井曲線形態分維值的地球物理意義? ?曲線變化越復雜,則其分維值d _ ( fa )越大、裂縫孔隙空間結構越復雜、裂縫孔隙空間結構指數m值越高等特徵,提出了改進的基於盒維數的測井曲線網格覆蓋法,編程計算了裂縫性儲層段常規測井曲線(如聲波和電阻率曲線)上分形分維值及其m指數值,進而從以下三個方面對qx油田l區塊的裂縫油藏進行應用研究,效果十分理想: 1將計算得到的可變的m指數與聲波和電阻率分維之積df _ acrt進行交繪,採用儲層分維值分類技術統計分析這些參數變化的規律,並結合qx油田l區塊儲層類型經驗判別圖版,從而實現qx油田l區塊下白堊統的裂縫性儲層的類型識別。
  17. During this part, the necessity of government ' s interference in the business enterprise m & a is firstly explained, on the base of which several detai led, actable, effective schemata and suggestions are pointed out

  18. - man, i ' m not actin ' all funky. - you are too

  19. Man, i ' m not actin ' all funky. - you are too

  20. Seth, i " m sure whichever action figure you choose,

    Seth ,我保證不管你選擇那種行動