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  • name : n 1 名 名字 姓名;名稱。2 名聲 名譽;空名 虛名;名義 名目;【邏、語法】概念的名稱;名詞。3 知名之...
  • the : 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • rate : n 1 比率,率;速度,進度;程度;(鐘的快慢)差率。2 價格;行市,行情;估價,評價;費,費用,運費...
  1. Class using the specified port name and baud rate

  2. Class using the specified port name, baud rate, and parity bit

  3. We adopt new production process of cold ends, so our sic heating elements have excellent specific rate of heat zone resistance and cold end resistance, saving energy, long life, avoiding over - temperature of cold ends to damage the furnace body. the commercial name of our sic heating elements is songshan silca heating elements

  4. Natural selection becomes now the overall name for inequalities of survival or of productive rate.

  5. Agree duty is when showing building droit produces change, the owner of certain proportion xiangxin that orders bond to press house price with respect to party place ( property right bears person ) collected one - time revenue, the tax rate of agree duty is in beijing is 4 %, the person that buy a house, its answer ratal is multiplied for room money paid for something purchased or received for something sold be worth with the earning of 4 %, agree duty is the pay when dealing with formalities of property right change the name of owner in a register commonly

  6. The document quotes the name of the shipper and the carrying vessel, the ports of shipment and destination, the freight rate.

  7. In this paper, we at fist analyse the distribution of magnetic field in the permanent magnet synchronous motor which rate power is 800w and calculate parameters of this motor on the basis of the traditional approach to ca1culating armature reactance, we put forward a new method which is based on the iteration of the electromotive force equation, and name it after " electromotive oprce method "

    本論文運用有限元方法分析一臺800w稀土永磁同步電動機內部電磁場的分佈情況,計算出相應的電機參數。並在傳統的計算電樞反應電抗的基礎上提出了一種基於電勢平衡方程式的計算方法,本論文稱之為「電勢法」 。
  8. It has barged up against questions in lanzhou telecom ' s phs operation, for example, succeed rate of calling, wanting variety of mobile telephone, slowness in expansion of new operation, falling of the brand ' s name, lowering of predominance in price, need of regulating channels, increasing of cost in sell, falling of amount in increasing new users, etc. to aim at these questions and lanzhou telecom ' s fact, the paper suggested the tactics of mode in management, product management, price, channels, sales promotion of phs operation

  9. Article 156 the physical bonds issued by a company shall state the name of company, par value, interest rate, time limit for repayment, and etc., and shall bear the signature of the legal representative and the seal of the company

  10. This section begins with the analysis of the cash flow of the two most elementary products - mortgage pass through securities ( mpt ) and collateralized mortgage obligations ( cmo ), and describes the difference between the function mechanism and the ability of resisting risk. then, based on the above analysis, this article tries to invent an new cmo product which goes by the name of adjustable amortization mortgage ( aam ) and can effectively counteract the extension risk when interest rate goes up. at the same time, this article also indicate some problem which should pay special attention to in practical application and put forward some corresponding market promotion strategy

    本章首先通過對兩種最基本的抵押證券? ?抵押貸款傳遞證券( mpt )和抵押擔保證券( cmo )現金流量變化的分析,研究其運行機制和防禦風險的功能差異,接著在以上分析的基礎上,文章嘗試提出了一種能夠有效化解利率上升環境中延期風險的新型證券品種? ?可調整分期付款額的抵押擔保證券( adjustableamortizationmortgage ,簡稱為aam )的設想,但同時也指出了這種抵押擔保證券在實際應用中應該特別注意之處,並提出了相應的市場推廣策略。
  11. Class when you want to specify the port name and the baud rate

  12. Class when you want to specify the port name, the baud rate, and the parity bit

  13. But don ' t get the idea that any place that is called a nursery school is wonderful, for some of them are second - rate and just use the name because it ' s popular. and there some day nurseries that have kept up with progress and are running excellent nursery with trined teachers under the old label

  14. It concentrates in : the low point of beginning levying taxes, the much name tax rate, and the heavy tax burden, the absurdity standard of the expenses deduct, the uncertain boundary of various taxation income item, and the imperfect system and the backward means of levy and management for taxes. therefore, these lead to evade tax seriously and the function of regulation allotment the income ca n ' t be fully played

  15. Class using the specified port name, baud rate, parity bit, and data bits

  16. The special invoices for vat should also include : the address, tax registration number, the rate and amount of vat of the goods purchaser, the name, address and tax registration number of the goods supplier

  17. He and his colleaguesreckon they can both estimate the rate of evolution and identify many of theevolving genes, by using a trick with the clumsy name of linkagedisequilibrium

    他和他的同事覺得他們可以估計出進化的速度和識別出一些進化中的基因,通過使用一個小技巧? ?它擁有一個粗陋的名字? ?連鎖不平衡。
  18. Of the current number of private clubs in hong kong which pay land rents at below - market rates ; the name, location, membership size, entry requirements, actual annual or monthly land rent payable to the government and the amount of such land rent that should have been paid if calculated in accordance with the market rate in respect of each of these clubs

  19. Class using the specified port name, baud rate, parity bit, data bits, and stop bit

  20. Up to 1999, the rate of re - trial cases to second - insance judgments rezched 25 %. these shocking figures reveal an undeniable fact that the main structure of judicial hierarchy system, the so - called " two - tiered system ( the second instance is final ) ", now exists in name only

    其指導思想是以憲法和訴訟法等法律為根據,以保障公正裁判為目的,以公開審判為重心,以「三個強化」 (強化庭審功能、強化當事人舉證責任、強化合議庭職責)為內容。