oakland 中文意思是什麼

oakland 解釋
n. 名詞 奧克蘭〈美國港市〉。

  1. Clues and leads were being followed up from albany to oakland.

  2. He spent long hours in the oakland and berkeley libraries, and made out application blanks for membership for himself, his sisters gertrude and marian, and jim, the latter s consent being obtained at the expense of several glasses of beer

  3. Oakland, calif. - chien - ming wang ' s return may not be far off

  4. But remember one thing. there aren t half a dozen individualists in oakland, but martin eden is one of them.

    可是你們要記住一件事,在奧克蘭個人主義者還不到半打,可馬丁伊登卻是其中之一。 」
  5. He had never been in a bank in his life, much less been in one on business, and he had a naive and childlike desire to walk into one of the big banks down in oakland and fling down his indorsed check for forty dollars

  6. Clouds in oakland. - all right, don ' t get all jittery now

  7. - clouds in oakland. - all right, don ' t get all jittery now

  8. Tough one but, oakland s offense is horrible

  9. A first - year teacher from oakland state

  10. . . a first - year teacher from oakland state.

    . . .這位從奧克蘭州來的初出茅廬的老師. .
  11. It is oakland. it is boston. it is manny ramirez

    奧克蘭. . .波士頓. . .那是曼尼拉米雷茲
  12. The train left oakland station at six o clock

  13. I sella da milk in oakland. i maka da plentee mon

  14. - we have clouds in oakland ! - you mean it this time

    -奧克蘭有雲了! -這次你是認真的?
  15. We have clouds in oakland ! - you mean it this time

    -奧克蘭有雲了! -這次你是認真的?
  16. Also have k. c. vs. oakland or cleveland playing tampa bay

    也有k . c .瑞基或玩騎士坦帕灣
  17. Prior to his appointment in saint louis, parkman was the principal conductor of the oakland youth orchestra and the assistant conductor of the oakland east bay symphony

  18. Him von schmidt desired to please and propitiate because from him could be obtained the oakland agency for the bicycle

  19. And often, at such times, he would abruptly see slouch in among the company a young hoodlum in square - cut coat and under a stiff - rim stetson hat. it happened to him at the gallina society in oakland one afternoon

  20. And the suggested supplements. - long way from oakland state