p-n junction 中文意思是什麼

p-n junction 解釋
【物理學】p-n 結。

  • p :
  • n : 1. 【羅馬數字】90〈N=90000〉。2. 【化學】=nitrogen. 3. =North(ern)。N =nuclear 核的:N-waste 核廢料。
  • junction : n. 1. 接合,連接,連絡。2. 接合點,交叉點,(河流的)匯合處,(鐵道的)聯軌點。3. 【電學】中繼線。4. 【物理學】接頭,結。
  1. On account of the low q - factor and small tuning range of the p - n junction varactor, the inversion - mode mos varactor is used in the lc voltage controlled oscillator in this thesis. the simulation results show that the designed lc voltage controlled oscillator has 15 % tuning range

    3 .由於lc壓控振蕩器中的pn結變容管品質因數低、調諧范圍小,本次設計的lc壓控振蕩器採用了強反型mos變容管,模擬結果表明,所設計的lc壓控振蕩器具有15 %調諧范圍。
  2. In the paper we mainly researched space gainp2 / gaas / ge high efficiency tandem cells " making process by home - made low pressure mocvd technology and new solar concentrators. firstly, we presented reseached and development of solar cells in china and foreign countries ; secondly, on the basis of fundamental priciples and theories, we discussed some factors of influcing conversion efficiency of solar cells, and analysed the i - v output feature of two - junction tandem cells ; then the design concept of gainp2 / gaas / ge two - junction tandem cells was discussed, the detailed aspects of gainp2 / gaas / ge tandem cells epitaxy growth by low pressure mocvd was studied, and some questions on epitaxy growth ( such as crystal qualities, interface stress, element interdiffusion, n - and p - type doping et all ) were solved ; after that, the cell fabrication process was described ; finally, we reseached the hot pressing and mould process technology of an arched line - focus fresnel lens made by pmma, designed and fixed new solar concentrators

    本文致力於用自製的低壓mocvd裝置進行cainp _ 2 / gaas / ge空間用高效級聯太陽能電池製作的工藝以及聚光太陽能電池組件的研究。首先,介紹了國內外太陽能電池的研究現狀及應用情況;其次,運用太陽能電池基本原理討論影響電池轉換效率的因素,分析了級聯電池的伏安特性;隨后,討論了cainp _ 2 / gaas / ge雙結級聯電池的結構設計理念,研究了採用低壓mocvd技術生長cainp _ 2 / gaas / ge級聯太陽電池材料的工藝過程,解決了異質材料生長的結晶質量、界面應力、材料互擴散以及材料n 、 p型摻雜等一系列問題;然後總結了級聯電池的后工藝製作;最後,研究了以pmma為材料的菲涅耳線聚焦透鏡的熱壓成型工藝及其模具的加工工藝,設計並安裝完成新型聚光太陽能電池組件。
  3. The sensor operation speed can be 64ms / frame ~ 2ms / frame. in the research of photoelectric cell, device physics structure of pixels have been optimized. deep junction depth photodiodes, such as p + / n - well / p - sub structure, have been used and the photo - response of the sensor has been greatly enhanced

    復位信號為sv時的單幀感光動態范圍為60db ,採用改變復位信號頻率的二次掃描方式可將傳感器的總的感光動態范圍擴大到84db ,可對0石10 , 000lx光照強度的信號進行傳感。
  4. At the initial stage of planar technique, b was employed as ideal diffusion impurity in base - region of npn si planar devices because of the match of its solid - solubility and diffusion coefficient in si with those of p in emission - region, and the good shield effect of sio2 film to b. but because of the relatively large solubility ( 5 1020 / cm3 at 1000 ) and the small diffusion coefficient, the linear slowly - changed distribution of acceptor b in pn junction can not be formed, which could not cater to the requirement of high - reversal - voltage devics. thereafter b - a1 paste - layer diffusion technology and close - tube ga - diffusion technology had been developed, while the former can lead to relatively large the base - region deviation and abruptly varied region in si, which caused severe decentralization of current amplification parameter, bad thermal stability and high tr ; the latter needed the relatively difficult pack technique, with poor repeatability, high rejection ratio, and poor diffusion quality and productio n efficiency

    在平面工藝初期,由於b在硅中的固溶度、擴散系數與n型發射區的磷相匹配, sio _ 2對其又有良好的掩蔽作用,早被選為npn硅平面器件的理想基區擴散源,但b在硅中的固溶度大( 1000時達到5 10 ~ ( 20 ) ,擴散系數小, b在硅中的雜質分佈不易形成pn結中雜質的線性緩變分佈,導致器件不能滿足高反壓的要求,隨之又出現了硼鋁塗層擴散工藝和閉管擴鎵工藝,前者會引起較大的基區偏差,雜質在硅內存在突變區域,導致放大系數分散嚴重,下降時間t _ f值較高,熱穩定性差;後者需要難度較大的真空封管技術,工藝重復性差,報廢率高,在擴散質量、生產效率諸方面均不能令人滿意。
  5. P - n junction edge effectp - n

  6. P - n junction photodiodep n

  7. P - n junction electroluminescencep n

  8. On the base of the study on sige material physics characteristic, sige / si hetero - junction characteristic, we dissertate the advantage of sige / si hetero - junction power diodes and establish more accurately physical models and propose two novel kinds of fast and soft recovery p + ( sige ) - n - - n + hetero - junction power diodes : the one is p + ( sige ) - n " - n + diode with the multiplayer gradual changing doping concentration in the n - region, and the other is p + ( sige ) - n " - n + diode with ideal ohmic contact on the cathode interface

    本文針對sige材料的物理特性、 sige si異質結特性建立了準確的物理參數模型。在詳細論述了sige si異質結功率二極體良好特性的基礎上,提出了兩種快速軟恢復sige si功率二極體新結構: n ~ -區採用多層漸變摻雜和陰極側採用理想歐姆接觸。
  9. The research and application of the diamond films were reviewed in this paper, and the nucleations on different substrates in hfcvd ( i lot filament chemical vapor deposition ) system were introduced. the improvement of the diamond nucleation on si, ni, cu was investigated, in order to deposit diamond of high density. the p - n junction between b - implanted diamond films and n - type si substrate was investigated

    本論文簡要敘述了金剛石薄膜的研製進展和應用,介紹了用化學氣相沉積法( hotfilamentchemicalvapordeposition )在不同的襯底上的金剛石薄膜的制備方法和形核,並對si 、 ni 、 cu三種不同的襯底的金剛石膜研究了如何增大形核密度、提高形核質量。
  10. The one dimensional continuity equations of n - on - p planar pn junction are solved at different boundary conditions. generalized solutions of photocarrier concentration are given in this paper

  11. Comparing with p - n junction, sbd is a majority carrier device. it has low break - over voltage, and can be used at high frequency

    與p - n結相比,它是一種多子器件,具有正向導通電壓低,使用頻率高等特點。
  12. Generally the minority carriers accumulated by the cell are generated either directly from the p - n junction or the distance between the generated minority carriers and the junction is less than the diffusion length of the minority carriers

    通常的太陽電池收集的少數載流子要麼是產生於p - n結,要麼是少數載流子距離結的距離必須小於其擴散長度。
  13. Study on new p - n junction termination technique

  14. P - n junction semi - conductor laserp n

  15. Polycrystalline diamond films were deposited on n - type si substrates. in order to achieve a better distribution of the implanted element, boron ions were implanted by two steps. the i - v curves were studied, the p - n junction effect is very evident

    在n型引襯底上沉積一層連續的金剛石膜,通過二次離子注入的方法使b離子比較均勻的分佈在金剛石膜中,通過測量i - v曲線,可以明顯的看出p - n結效應的存在。
  16. Tem micrographies show that tioj nanoparticles are partly coated with the polymer. we alse study effect of pani film. finally a new organic polymer stk junction i s produced by using p - type polyaniline and n - type semiconductor

    最後,直接利用csa - pani濾液在導電玻璃上成膜做成器件,並對器件的性能進行了分析,這對于聚苯胺在在光電器件中應用具有指導意義。
  17. These improvements are achieved without resorting lifetime killing and thus the devices can be easily integrated into power ics. this paper is good for design and manufacture of p + ( sige ) - n " - n + hetero - junction power diodes

    取得的成果對于p + ( sige )一n一n +異質結功率二極體的設計和研製工作均具有一定的參考價值。