pac 中文意思是什麼

pac 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 一種高統鹿皮靴;油皮鞋。
2. 派克靴〈一種保溫防水系帶高統靴〉。

  1. Guide pac - man through four vast, scrolling 3d mazes, whilst chomping dots and evading ghosts

  2. It is shown that the effect of pac removing fluoride is closely related to ph value and the optimum range of ph value is between 6. 1 ? 7. 1. under this condition, further studies are made on the optimum coagulant dosage, mixing time, artificial turbidity, filtration rate and filter bed ' s depth and the optimum range of these parameters have been determined

    堿式氯化鋁的除氟能力與原水的ph值有密切的關系,除氟最佳ph值范圍為6 . 1 ? 7 . 1 。在此條件下,進一步對最佳投藥量、混合時間、反應時間、人工輔助投加濁度、濾速及濾層厚度進行了研究,確定了其最優的取值。
  3. Went to med school with the pac west doctor

    和pac west的醫生一起去了醫療學校
  4. Otherwise, i " d be late for the pac west thing

    否則我就晚到pac west的那個什麼了
  5. Pac family eat beans games - 4455 miniclip games

    Pac吃豆家族小游戲- 4399小游戲
  6. I ' m a special consultant from pac medical

  7. Refers to the time when the pac id becomes unusable

    是指這個pac id要失效的時間。
  8. The pac west doctors refused to sign off on his knee

    Pac west的醫生拒絕為他的膝蓋簽出
  9. The result showed that mechanisms for the removal of turbidity from kaolin suspension by coagulation with ddmbac were charge neutralization and bridging. the coagulating property of ddmbac was comparable to as and pac

    實驗結果表明:對高嶺土懸浮液, ddmbac的混凝除濁機理為電性中和及吸附架橋,其混凝除濁性能不亞于硫酸鋁和聚合氯化鋁。
  10. When as or pac was used as a coagulant, coagulation removal of turbidity was enhanced at low ddmbac concentration ( 10mg / l ), but hindered at high ddmbac concentration ( 350mg / l ). however, its effect on pac was slightly smaller than that on as. ddmbac impacted the coagulation primarily through enhancement for charge neutralization and bridging of

    低濃度的ddmbac ( 10mg / l )可適當增強硫酸鋁和聚合氯化鋁的混凝效果,高濃度的ddmbac ( 350mg / l )則顯著干擾混凝,但ddmbac對聚合氯化鋁混凝效果的促進作用不如對硫酸鋁明顯。
  11. In addition, the result of comparing the coagulating filtration method with the coagulating sedimentation method shows that the former method is superior to the latter one when other conditions are fined. finally, a primary estimation of operation cost for defluorination using pac as coagulant is made

  12. According to the water supply source used the mining area in bai yun, based on the mechanism of coagulation and flocculation, the feasibility of removing fluoride from water with the method of coagulation and filtration is studied through experiment. and several key parameters which affect defluorination are also analyzed. by using polyaluminum chloride ( pac ) as coagulant, the optimum ranges of the operational parameters are obtained

  13. By the analysis of blastn ( nucleitide level ) and blastp ( amino acid level ), some conversed domains in each protein sequence were dete cted, such as pas domain, pac domain and fhue

  14. While fractal dimensions of floes are 1. 34 - 2. 31 during different flocculating condition when the flocculating agents is polyaluminum chloride ( pac ). moreover, under the best added quantity condition ( when the raw water is 170mg / l, the best added quantity of aluminum sulfate is 3. 0mg / l and the best added quantity of pac is 2. 0mg / l ), no matter

    若先投加cac12再投加pac ,混凝效果最好的水樣的絮凝體的分形維數為1 . 48 , cod去除率為93 % ,此時caci :的投加量為1
  15. Ucem property ; pac learnability ; puac learnability ; totally bounded

  16. The convential wate treatment process do n ' t work very well to this kind of water, the effluent of which have lots of thms that may cause cancer. the powered activated carbon ( pac ) was welcomed by most water sciticists for its flexible application, particularly to the water changing much duo to the season

  17. I go back like when ' pac carried crates for humpty humpty. we need a whole club dizzy. why the cia wanna watch us ? colombians and haitians

    在' pac給humptyhumpty搬集裝箱的時候我就在了.我們需要把整個俱樂部變得迷亂.為什麼中? ?局要監視我們?哥倫比亞人和海地人
  18. Officer - in - charge pac residential others section

  19. Includes pet stories, answers to common questions, care tips, and a pac - man - style game

  20. The pac s report on the subject of " mechanized street cleansing services " had been deferred as we needed time to examine the many tiers of staff in the chain of command in the environmental hygiene ( eh ) branch of the food and environmental hygiene department ( fehd ) involved in providing mechanized street cleansing services, and how such a bloated structure operated in the provision of the services

    委員會先前押后就「機動街道潔凈服務」的事項提交報告書,是因為我們需要更多時間來研究若干事宜,包括食物環境衛生署( 「食衛署」 )提供機動街道潔凈服務的統屬架構內職員級別眾多的問題,以及如此臃腫的架構在提供服務時如何運作。